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Chickasaw Nation Proposes the Establishment of Coney Island Casino to Attract Visitors to the Entertainment Neighborhood All Year Round

The Chickasaw Nation is hopeful to be able to play a part in a new chapter in Coney Island’s history.

New York’s peninsular neighborhood has been long known as the birthplace of US amusement parks. As previously reported by CasinoGamesPro, the lawmakers of the New York state have planned to award three new casino operating permits in 2023, so the Chickasaw Nation has become part of a venture that has suggested developing not only a casino but a massive entertainment facility that could help the entire area transform.

Coney Island, which once used to attract millions of people with various attractions is still a popular tourist destination. However, the place has largely been used for seasonal entertainment purposes. Now, a development that includes an indoor water park has been proposed by the Native American Nation and its partners from the Saratoga Casino Holdings and Legends, along with Thor Equities. The project’s proponents claim that when completed, the new entertainment facility would attract people to Coney Island all year round.

According to recently released information, the tribe and Saratoga Casino Holdings would join forces in casino operations. Legends is set to be the entertainment venue partner, while the property would be developed by Thor Equities.

New York Lawmakers Willing to Award Three Casino Licenses in the State

An official release from the Native American Nation states that the tribe’s partnership with the casino operator would allow New York officials to bet on the institutional knowledge and expertise of respected developers and casino operators in order to fulfill a long-time promise to the entertainment district of Coney Island by providing the region with a thriving local economic engine over the entire year. The Chickasaw Nation shared that, if awarded a license, the economy of the neighborhood would no longer be reliant on the seasonal visitors of the amusement park.

The Native American tribe and its business entity, Global Gaming Solutions, currently operate the largest casino in the world – WinStar World Casino and Resort – which hosts 9 million visitors every year. Collectively, they manage over 30 restaurants, more than 2,000 hotel rooms and dozens of retail outlets, which employ approximately 13,500 people.

Bill Lance, Chairman of Global Gaming Solutions, confirmed that the operator currently enjoys a successful strategic partnership with Legends. According to him, the company’s involvement in the proposed casino resort project would help it expand that existing relationship and extend it to additional strategic partners.

Legends, which was once established as a joint venture with the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, has been involved in various other entertainment, sport and concert venues for its three-decade history in New York. On the other hand, Saratoga Casino Holdings operates casinos, including two sportsbooks, but it also runs hotels, restaurants and nightclubs in the state, as well as in the states of Mississippi and Colorado.

Of course, the Chickasaw Nation has not been the only contender for the establishment of a casino venue in the state of New York. There are also others, including the owner of the New York Mets, the Hudson Yards developer, as well as the owners of casino-like racetracks in Yonkers and Queens, who have been willing to take advantage of the three casino operating permits in various locations across the state.

 Author: Harrison Young

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