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EGBA Reports 60% Increase in the Number of Targeted Safer Gambling Messages Sent to Consumers

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has a major objective of promoting safer gambling to players that has been put forward in 2022 and the results have been great so far. The second year of the Association saw improved and increased communication with customers, contributions to research, etc.

Recently, the EGBA published its annual Sustainability Report 2021/2022, which focuses on the progress that the Association and its members have made in promoting and establishing a more sustainable and safer gambling environment. According to the information unveiled in the report, a 700% increase in the number of targeted and personalized communications partners sent to their customers was registered in 2021 in comparison to the year before.

The report found that the total number of communications promoting safer gambling that were sent to consumers was 38 million, with the figure marking a 123% increase compared to the figure registered in the previous year. Of those, the number of personalized and targeted communications accounted for over 60%, or approximately 22.5 million, while the remaining 15.5 million communications were part of the general communication category.

The European Gambling and Betting Association’s sustainability report does not only focus on the aforementioned metric. It also takes into account a variety of other factors, such as the voluntary contributions to European sports and customers’ use of safer gambling tools. Excellent improvements were scored by both metrics, with approximately half of the customers using no less than one safer gambling tool. A 22% increase to €499 million on a year-on-year basis was registered through streaming rights payments and sponsorship agreements.

EGBA Focusing on Better Understanding of Problem Gambling During Its Second Year of Operation

As mentioned above, the report was the second yearly report issued by the EGBA, with the Association being primarily focused on achieving a better understanding of problem gambling and gambling addiction for this round. During its first year of operation, the European Gambling and Betting Association’s focus was the promotion of a safer gambling environment across the regulated European gambling markets, as well as to use the initiative in order to bring more partners on board.

The second year of operation of the EGBA has seen a more refined action on the Association’s side, with the organization being quite busy throughout the year. The actions of the European Gambling and Betting Association so far in 2022 have helped it build upon its achievements from the previous year. Even the sole act of establishing the Association indicated that Europe is taking the sustainability of the gambling industry very seriously.

During its first year of operation, the EGBA managed to specify higher standards for data protection and promote them, while it also demonstrated its commitment to more responsible gambling advertising. Furthermore, the organization also joined the battle to tackle gambling advertising on illegal online streaming platforms.

During its second year of operation, the EGBA managed to channel its efforts to prevent anti-money laundering by releasing its Pan-European guidelines and issuing a study focused on the problem gambling screening tools in Europe. All of this paved the way for potentially establishing a common framework across European countries when it comes to the development and implementation of comparable tools.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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