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Partners of Genesis Affiliates Complain about Not Receiving Due Payments on Time

Genesis Affiliates seems to be encountering some problems in their business because an increasing number of their partners report they have not received their due payments for a few months now.

Although the Genesis Affiliates Program has been functioning as it was supposed in the last few years, the usual payment date, which used to be around the middle of the following month after earnings, has become inconsistent since the beginning of 2022, and now it seems to have stopped altogether.

Last month, a number of partners of the company’s affiliate program complained on popular gambling forums that the award-winning casino affiliate company had failed to make the due payments for a few months, with some forum users raising a red flag about potential payment issues at Genesis Affiliates.

In mid-August, “dunover”, a registered user of the Casinomeister forum started a new thread to inform other users about payment issues that had occurred with the aforementioned gambling affiliate program. As the user claims, it all started with payments due near or at the end of the month, with Genesis Affiliates completing them two weeks later than it usually did. Then, the delay started to continue around 7 to 10 days into the following month, which raised even more concerns about what was happening.

Genesis Affiliates Has Still Not Presented Any Reasonable Explanation of Payment Delays

The aforementioned user revealed that they addressed the company in regard to the delayed payments and eventually received a pretty standard answer confirming there were some delays with affiliates’ payments and a promise that everything will be back to normal but the customer support team has not provided more information as of when the regular payment schedule could be expected to return to normal.

A number of other users of the Casinomeister and Affiliate Guard Dog forums have also shared their concerns about the payment delays, especially considering the fact that the company did nothing to inform them about the situation, or at least not until they contacted the customer support service of the Genesis Affiliates Program.

In mid-August, “dunover” wrote in the Casinomeister forum that things were even worse than the issue at the beginning because the due June payments of the Genesis Affiliates Program were more than a month late. All of this, along with the fact that the delays have so far occurred all through 2022, makes affiliates think that things at Genesis Affiliates are just not right.

Considering the increasing number of affiliates affected by the payment delays of the program, gambling forum users are now expecting the company to provide more detailed information on the matter to finally answer the concerns of its partners, and eventually solve the problem. Some affiliates have already taken measures to limit liability and have chosen to stop displaying affiliate links to the company.

The potential ongoing financial issues faced by Genesis Affiliates, along with the rising number of complaints made by the operator’s partners is making the future of the business quite uncertain. Although there was some money made available at the beginning of September to pay some affiliates, most of them have not confirmed receiving the due payments and seem to have removed their links, making the situation even tougher for Genesis Affiliates, with years of trustful affiliating going into the garbage if the company does not take action and finally explain what is going on.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.