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Temporary Waukegan Casino to Probably Open in December 2022, Despite Unexpected Delays on the Way

The Waukegan area’s residents are probably getting a more distinct possibility for gambling at the time when they wave goodbye to 2022.

Recently, the plans for the opening of a newly-established interim casino structure in December have been confirmed. The venue, which is set to be adjacent to Waukegan’s Fountain Square Shopping Center, will offer slot machines, table games, a sportsbook service, as well as a number of dining options.

The chief development officer and senior vice president of Full House Resorts – Alex Stolyar – confirmed that the temporary casino structure has been completed, so the developers from Turner Construction Co. are able to now focus on the work on the interior and foundation. Mr. Stolyar explained that the workers were currently pouring the 75,000-square-foot venue’s concrete floor and were connecting utilities. After they are ready with the preparation work, the company will be able to bring in the gaming equipment.

According to preliminary estimates provided by Full House Resorts’ senior VIP and CDO, 700 people will be employed in the temporary facility at the time it starts operation in December 2022. A number of workers have already been hired, but Mr. Stolyar refused to disclose their exact number. He also shared that the hiring process is expected to accelerate when the venue’s opening date is finally set.

The Permanent Casino Construction of Full House Resorts in Waukegan to Take Up to 3 Years, Reports Say

After an official finding of preliminary suitability was given to Full House Resorts by the Illinois Gaming Board in December 2021, Mr. Stolyar shared hopes that the temporary casino facility would be able to start operation in the summer of 2022. Unfortunately for the company, a bunch of hurdles delayed the process. He shared that some complications faced by the company through the approval process slowed down the plans which take longer than initially expected.

Although the city of Waukegan has so far supported the process of the casino establishment since the state’s gambling regulatory body gave its permission for Full House Resorts to proceed with the construction plans, some issues needed special additional approval.

The venue, which will offer 1,000 slot machines, 50 table games and a sportsbook, is set to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mr. Stolyar also revealed there will be also three sit-down restaurants, a bunch of other dining options and a large bar.

The sportsbook is set to be operated by Circa Sports in partnership with Full House Resorts. The company’s boss Derek Stevens has shared that he was looking forward to opening the first betting facility in the state of Illinois. Customers will be allowed to place real-time wagers on their smartphones while being on the territory of the venue.

Once the temporary casino starts operation in December 2022, the company will start planning the establishment of the permanent facility. Mr. Stolyar said that, in his opinion, the process of planning and construction will take between two and three years to be finalized. At the time when the permanent casino opens its doors, there will be a significantly larger number of slot machines and table games. Apart from that, the permanent American Place casino resort in Waukegan is set to feature a boutique hotel offering 20 luxury suites. A 1,500-seat entertainment venue will also be available.

 Author: Harrison Young

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