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Elk Grove’s Sky River Casinos Opens Its Doors Way Earlier Than Initially Planned

Hours after the Sky River Casino started operation in Elk Grove yesterday morning, hundreds of customers have been gathering at the venue’s slots machines and card tables, with dozens hurrying to sign up for the rewards cards offered by the casino.

The $500-million Elk Grove gambling venue situated nearby Sacramento is now operational after opening for business weeks ahead of schedule. The official announcement of the Sky River Casino’s opening took many people by surprise since the casino was not supposed to start operation for weeks, if not for months. The casino operator, however, uploaded a post on Facebook announcing that the venue was open at 11:30 PM on August 15th, with a steady stream of people coming to Elk Grove the next morning registered.

Sky River Casino’s management and staff members have shared hopes that the new attraction would be able to lure customers from competitors’ casinos situated in Lincoln, Shingle Springs, and Wheatland. They have been promoting the venue as a beautiful and impressive place. As Sky River Casino’s president and chief operating officer noted, the venue has risen from the site of the infamous “ghost mall” in Elk Grove in almost 18 months to a new addition to the competitive tribal gambling landscape in the region of Sacramento.

According to some local customers, the debut of the new casino was well-timed although it opened its doors earlier than expected, as the region has needed something like this and it has now found its perfect location.

Sky River Casino to Offer 2,000 Slot Machines and 80 Table Games to Its Visitors

At the start of Sky River Casino’s operation, some reporters have managed to get a glimpse of the service that is to be received by the venue’s customers.

Currently, there are 2,000 slot machines and 80 table games available across the 100,000-square-foot gaming floor of the casino. The center of the attraction features a large circular bar, while decorations and lightning pay tribute to the tribal lands of the Wilton Rancheria tribe. Also, there are banks of television monitors, some of which broadcast sports highlights of the day, while others blare other TV programs that might be interesting for the visitors of the casino’s restaurants and bars.

Apart from the gambling options, Elk Grove’s Sky River Casino is aimed at becoming a popular entertainment destination, considering the 17 restaurants and bars housed across the venue, some of which are expected to start operation later in 2022. According to experts, one of the main things the property had been built upon is to be the beverage-facing and food-facing because the owners were aware of the fact that a venue could be attractive to visitors not only because of its gambling services but because of its non-gambling options as well.

Some of the slot machines across the vast gaming floor of the casino have been fine-tuned even after the official start of Sky River Casino’s operation. These were some last-minute adjustments right before the crown of visitors came to the newly-opened establishment, while outside the venue a construction crew tweaked the large K in the facility’s facade sign.

Currently, there are about 1,700 people who are employed at Sky River Casino, a figure that is pretty close to the 2,000 individuals planned to be employed by the operator at the time when construction plans were unveiled in 2021.

 Author: Harrison Young

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