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Catawba Nation to Announce Catawba Two Kings Casino’s Full Construction Timeline by the End of 2022

Catawba Nation has shared it remained hopeful that it would be able to announce a construction timeline for the full casino resort it plans to establish by the end of 2022. The Indian tribe further announced the addition of a sportsbook service to its temporary, pre-launch facility for its Catawba Two Kings Casino. At the same time, some infrastructure upgrades are underway in order for the Catawbas to move on with the project.

As previously reported, in July 2021, the temporary casino of the tribe started operation with 500 electronic machines before an expansion doubling this number was completed by the facility in late 2021. At the time being, the company working in collaboration with the Catawba Nation on its casino services – Delaware North – has confirmed plans to establish an on-site sportsbook within the temporary, pre-launch facility. The providers are aimed at a sportsbook opening before the beginning of the football season.

Currently, approximately 260 people are employed at the pre-launch facility, while the recent news release regarding the construction timeline noted there were over 100,000 members in its loyalty club.

Apart from the mere announcement that the construction timeline for the casino resort is set to be unveiled by the end of this year, Catawba Nation and its partner have failed to provide specific information regarding the actual completion of the project. Some of the most detailed plans were unveiled during a public setting that took place in October last year as Jason Falls, the business development director of Cleveland County, gave a presentation about the first phase of the full casino to the county board.

Catawba Nation and Delaware North Confirm Plans to Establish On-Site Sportsbook to the Temporary Casino

At the time when Mr. Falls made his aforementioned presentation, he shared some plans for the establishment of a large 2-story building featuring a gaming floor and some restaurants, and a 29-story hotel tower. While making his presentation in October 2021, he noted that the owners targetted the construction for January 2022 but also explained that the plans of the ones leading the casino project changed often.

The site that is supposed to host the full casino has been graded for quite some time now.

As mentioned above, at the beginning of the week, a spokesperson for Delaware North, which is partnering with the Catawba Nation on the tribe’s casino operations, revealed that an on-site sportsbook is set to be added to the temporary, pre-launch facility of the Catawba Two Kings Casino that has been operating since July 2021 in time for the beginning of the football season. The spokesperson, however, did not unveil more specific details about the sportsbook, including the exact date of its opening.

Catawba Nation and its commercial partner’s plans will hardly be affected by the ongoing controversy linked to a bill seeking to legalize online sports betting in North Carolina. As CasinoGamesPro reported, the proposed piece of legislation stalled in the House last week but the Class III gaming compact held by Catawba Nation allows the Native American nation to offer on-site sports betting, as the gambling facility is situated on tribal lands.

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