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Both Temporary and Permanent Waukegan Casinos of Full House Resorts to Feature Sportsbook Service

The partnership agreed between Full House Resorts, which currently operates American Place, and Circa Sports is likely to see the plans for a sportsbook to be hosted at both the Waukegan-based American Place casino and The Temporary become a reality.

The beginning of the week saw Full House Resorts and Circa Sports announce their partnership making sure that a sports betting facility situated in the temporary casino planned for the city of Waukegan will provide the casino patrons with the chance to also place wagers on sporting events, along with the regular casino gaming services that will include 50 table games and 1,000 slot machines.

On May 2nd, the City Council unanimously approved a memorandum of understanding between the city of Waukegan and Full House Resorts, and now a clearer picture for the future gambling venue development worth about $500 million is being unveiled. More details about the benefits such a project is expected to bring to the city are also unveiled.

The Temporary Full House Resorts’ Casino to Start Operation in September

Circa Sports, which is set to join forces with Full House Resorts for the operation of the planned sportsbook service, is already operating the world’s biggest sportsbook at its Las Vegas-based Circa Resort and Casino. According to a joint news release, the company is now set to enter the state of Illinois at the time when the temporary casino of Full House Resorts starts operation in September 2022.

Apart from the sportsbook operation at the temporary casino venue, Circa Sports is set to also be allowed to bring its mobile sports betting application to Illinois customers, providing local punters with the opportunity to place wagers on sporting events through their smartphones no matter if they are in a casino or somewhere else.

The senior vice president and chief development officer of Full House Resorts, Alex Stolyer, explained that the temporary casino will offer standard casino services such as slot machines and table games, but there will also be a bar featuring televisions for sports viewing, and the sports betting options will be available at windows and kiosks. Mr. Stolyer confirmed that the sportsbook service will be a significant part of the casino, with the permanent venue set to feature a dedicated space.

As revealed by Full House Resort’s senior vice president, the sports betting kiosks spread around the venue will offer casino patrons the chance to step away from slot machines and place a bet on sports. They will look like an ATM device and will provide customers with the odds they would get on the mobile sports betting application.

Sportsbook Services Will Be Available at the Permanent Establishment As Well

At the time when the permanent casino starts operation with a larger sportsbook, a total of 60 to 80 television screens will be available for viewing sports events. The aforementioned mobile sportsbook application will be available throughout the state.

The approval of the aforementioned memorandum of understanding has provided a clearer picture of the benefits that the establishment will bring to the city, as well as the obligations of the company when it comes to the establishment of the permanent casino. According to Mr. Stolyer, the company’s commitment to building the proposed casino means a commitment to the local community and is set to bring a lot of economic benefits to the city.

The senior vice president of Full House Resort revealed his anticipation to see the permanent casino facility start operation 2 to 3 years after the temporary casino’s opening. According to the memorandum of understanding, the permanent facility will be situated on 325,000 square feet and will feature 2,000 gaming stations. A 5-star luxury 20-unit boutique suite hotel is also set to be established as part of the resort, along with several full-service dining areas, a heliport, and an entertainment venue featuring 1,500 seats. The second phase of the project is set to add a 4-star hotel with 150 rooms.

Apart from the establishment of the gambling venue, Full House has also agreed to lease the city-owned land that is set to host most of the casino with an option to purchase the real estate, with the city set to receive more than $3 million in rent every year or 2.5% of the adjusted gross revenue of the venue’s operation. The gambling operator also owns 10 acres of land adjacent to it.

 Author: Harrison Young

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