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Gambling Revenue Worth $400 Million to Be Used for Funding New Buffalo Bills’ $1.4-Billion Stadium Project in New York’s Orchard Park

Lass than 2 weeks after the Buffalo Bills managed to reach an agreement to build a new stadium in New York’s Orchard Park, the state lawmakers have approved budgeting that is set to contribute a total of $600 million to the project. Some lawmakers delayed the funding, as they argued that the state should not be putting the construction of an attractive new complex for team owners Kim and Terry Pegula first, rather than other local projects. However, during the weekend the state’s contributions were sealed by a clear majority vote.

Currently, the Buffalo Bills play in Highmark Stadium of Orchard Park which has been their home since 1973. Now, under a 30-year lease contract for the construction of the new $1.4-billion stadium between the football team, Erie County and New York State, the Buffalo Bills are set to get a record $850-million contribution from the public taxpayers. The sum includes state funds worth $600 million plus another $250 million from Erie County.

Reportedly, the Governor of New York State, Kathy Hochul, had made funding the construction of a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills one of her signature proposals, with the investment being defended by Crystal Peoples-Stokes, the Assembly Majority Leader, as one that would be beneficial for the local community.

Not All New York Lawmakers Back the Large-Scale Stadium Project

According to various media reports, the establishment of a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills would create approximately 2,000 construction jobs as part of the process. Some New York lawmakers have backed the project, saying that the establishment of a new complex will be beneficial for local businesses, while others were not so easily convinced of the benefits of the big deal.

One of the Assembly’s Democratic members, Yuh-Line Niou, has commented on the matter for a local media, saying that New York public schools receive less monetary contributions than the planned construction of the new Buffalo Bills stadium. She further noted the much-awaited climate bill and climate project had also gotten less money than the aforementioned stadium project. Ms. Niou criticized the move, saying this was not something the local Legislature was not something that it stood for, and called for New York lawmakers to take another look at their priorities.

Eventually, New York’s Assembly gave the green light to the $600-million state funding by 95 to 49 votes, while the Senate passed the measure with 39 to 23 votes. According to media reports, over $400 million of the overall funding will come from gambling revenue, while approximately $180 million will be generated from the capital projects included in the budget of the state of New York.

In March, the National Football League (NFL) separately gave the nod to a $200-million loan to Pegulas for the construction of the proposed stadium, which is set to become the third official facility of the team. The ground is set to be broken for the project in 2023, with the Buffalo Bills expected to start playing in their new Orchard Park stadium in 2026.

 Author: Harrison Young

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