Nagasaki Prefecture Makes Efforts to Establish Special Integrated Casino Resorts Workforce

The Prefecture of Nagasaki revealed that it is making efforts on the establishment of a special workforce for its desired integrated casino resort (IR). On July 31st, an online meeting of the Kyushu-Nagasaki International Tourism Human Resource Development Consortium’s preparatory committee is set to be held as part of the authorities’ efforts to establish the aforementioned workforce.

Nagasaki Prefecture has called for individuals from the hospitality, tourism and education industries to participate in the event that, according to information shared by local authorities with GGRAsia, would host some speakers with extensive professional expertise in the tourism, hospitality and integrated resort sectors.

Nagasaki Prefecture is part of the bigger Kyushu region that still remains hopeful to take advantage of the expected economic growth associated with the establishment of so-called integrated casino resorts – luxurious big casino complexes that offer a variety of tourism and entertainment services apart from gambling options.

The Japanese Government has previously announced its decision to permit a maximum of 3 casino resorts to be established in the country, as the first phase of the liberalization of its gambling sector. The local government have been required to first find a partner from the private sector and then file an application to the Central Government for the right to become the home of an integrated casino resort.

Nagasaki Still Willing to Get One of the Three Integrated Casino Resorts Licenses

Last month, the Nagasaki Prefecture revealed that the three commercial entities that had overcome the first stage of the private-sector partner assessment in March and were willing to operate an integrated casino resort were to experience another round of evaluation.

According to information shared by the Prefecture with local media hubs, at the beginning of June, the Kyushu IR Council organized its inaugural business seminar. The seminar featured speakers with extensive expertise in the integrated resorts industry and offered much information regarding the business opportunities and benefits that could be brought to the Kyushu region’s economy as a result of the establishment of an integrated casino resort. The first official meeting of the IR Safety and Security Network Council’s preparatory committee of Kyushu-Nagasaki took place on June 30th. At the time, the committee discussed measures associated with casino gambling, as well as issues related to the safety of the general public.

As revealed by the Prefecture of Nagasaki for local media, the Regional Addiction Countermeasure Network Council in Kyushu has been on the way, with its first meeting set to take place by the end of the summer.

So far, the Prefecture has made substantial progress on the integrated casino resort application process. Local authorities have shortlisted a total of three candidates as potential private-sector partners for the establishment of the desired casino resort, with all three of them having already submitted their formal written proposals for the authorities to review. The three companies will be given one more opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and capabilities to run such a resort, which is currently set to take place in August.