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Latest Gambling Compact Would Bring Four New Casinos, Sports Betting and More Games of Chance to Arizona Players

It was revealed that the Native American Tribes in Arizona are going to get at least four new casino venues, along with more games of chance, more slot machines, as well as the right to offer sports betting services under the provisions of a new contract between the state and the tribes. One of the aforementioned four casinos could be hosted in Tuscon.

The latest gaming compact confirms that the Pascua Yaqui tribe will get the chance to construct a gambling venue that would become the third casino in the state. The construction, however, first requires a proper site to host the facility. It will probably involve the land that was once home to a large movie theater and could be acquired in trust for the tribe in order to become eligible for gambling.

According to the Chairman of the Pascua Yaqui tribe, Peter Yucupicio, the new gaming compact combined with the chance to offer sports betting services would be beneficial for the tribe, its members and employees.

The establishment of a new casino is expected to result in the addition of new jobs, as it is set to offer more gambling options. The Pascua Yaqui tribe has also revealed some plans to turn its Paradiso Lounge into an on-property sportsbook.

The Exact Amount of Expected Gambling Tax Revenue for the State Now Specified

The new gaming compact was officially signed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and local tribal leaders on April 15th. The agreement would allow at least 6,300 more gaming terminals to be added to reservation casinos. According to reports of the state Gaming Department, there are currently 13,640 operational electronic gambling machines in Arizona, with the total number of machines so far authorized in the state being 20,500.

Under the latest deal between the Governor and the local Native American tribes, it now seems that a further rise would follow, as the compact allows for an automatic increase of the number by approximately 570 new terminals every two years. If a tribe cannot use the devices, it will be able to transfer the slot machines to more urban areas in order to make money.

Thousands of additional poker and blackjack tables are also allowed to be added to local casinos’ offerings. Now, tribes will be able to offer roulette, baccarat, craps, as well as sic bo and a version of pai gow. As mentioned above, the Native American tribes will be given the chance to offer sports betting as well.

The new compact is set to bring more money to the state. The most recent fiscal years have seen tribes report gross gaming revenues amounting to more than $2 billion before costs and expenses to be deducted. This means around $102 million contributed to Arizona’s coffers, with the money transferred to education and health programs in the state. Cities got another $13 million in gambling tax revenue.

For the time being, no estimates of the increase that is expected from the new forms of gambling and the new casinos and slot machines have been provided.

 Author: Harrison Young

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