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Haven Gaming Decides to Withdraw Danville Casino License Application to Submit a New One

Haven Gaming LLC revealed that it has decided to withdraw its application for an Owners Gaming License to operate a casino venue in Danville. The operator shared that it remains hopeful it would succeed to submit the new application in August.

However, the company that is willing to be granted permission to operate a casino in Danville also shared that the withdrawal is only made to take a chance and prepare and submit a new application, which would be a better match for the casino project. As explained by Haven Gaming, its new application would be able to better meet the expectations of the local gaming board.

The company has shared that its new application is planned to be formulated in a way that would be more suitable to Danville’s community standards. Previously, the original application, which was filed by the gambling operator on October 28th, 2019, was assessed and some areas for further improvement were found.

The news was confirmed by Danville’s Mayor, who shared that the city was made aware of the company’s plans to withdraw its original application. According to Mayor Williams, this is a great opportunity for the city, as it would be given the chance to review the new application of Haven Gaming.

Illinois Gaming Board Set to Meet on July 30th and Take Action on Casino Applications

For the time being, it seems that Danville’s Mayor has nothing against the decision of the gambling company to withdraw its original application for a casino operating license and file a new one. In fact, Williams backed Haven Gaming’s strategy, saying that the willingness of the company to file the best possible application before Illinois’ gambling regulatory body was absolutely understandable.

Meanwhile, the Illinois Gaming Board is still expected to take action on the state’s casino applications. The next meeting of the regulatory body is scheduled for July 30th, but it remains unknown whether the Board would make a decision on the casino license applications in the state.

The new casino licenses came as part of the state’s efforts to expand the gambling legislation passed in 2019, and the Gaming Board would also have to take into consideration several applications for sports betting licenses. Under the provisions of last year’s law, five communities were granted permission to establish a casino – Danville, Waukegan, Rockford, Williamson County and the south suburbs of Chicago. Furthermore, a casino resort was allowed to be built in Downtown Chicago.

The current casino application for a Danville casino, however, seems to be in limbo. Back in January, the Illinois Gaming Board decided not to allow Haven Gaming to revise its original application. Obviously, a few months later, the company has decided to fully withdraw its application for the project and come up with a new one that would better fit the needs of the community.

 Author: Harrison Young

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