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Singapore Casino Patrons Could Get Personalized Alerts as Part of the Country’s Responsible Gambling Policy

Casino gamblers in Singapore could soon get some personalized alerts regarding the amount of time and cash they have spent at local casinos.

As revealed earlier today by Josephine Teo, who occupies the position of the Manpower Minister and Second Minister for Home Affairs, the move could come as part of efforts of the country’s authorities to promote responsible gambling to tackle the risks of problem gambling. Ms. Teo further explained that the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Singapore has joined forces with casinos on measures which could more efficiently protect casino patrons. These measures could include the chance for casino patrons to voluntarily set certain limits on the time spent at the premises, as well as on the amount of money spent, in order to help them self-regulate their gambling habits.

Minister Teo attended the Fifth Singapore Symposium on Gambling Regulation and Crime where she addressed global gambling regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies’ officials. She explained that Singapore is looking at the good practices and responsible gambling measures which have been so far introduced by other jurisdictions from around the world.

She further explained there already are some efforts for responsible gambling measures in Singapore, such as events organized by the Responsible Gambling Forum. Ms. Teo also noted that the local gambling sector requires players to set expenditure and loss limits so that patrons can manage the effect which their gambling would inflict on their finances.

Singapore Gambling Regulators Face Challenges on the Way to Promote Responsible Gambling

Earlier this year, in April, the Singaporean Government increased the entry fees to local casinos at the time it announced the SGD9-billion expansion plans of the two integrated resorts situated in the country. The Government also has extended the exclusivity period for both casino resorts to the end of 2030.

Considering the recent changes brought to the gambling landscape in Singapore, gambling regulators need to continue learning from one another in order to keep up to date with the most recent developments in the sector, in Ms. Teo’s opinion.

However, there are some challenges on the way, because technology evolves quickly, which on the other hand brings changes and faster increase in online gambling. These trends have been felt in Singapore, too, and approximately 60% of the sports betting turnover of Singapore Pools is currently generated through remote channels. In comparison, the turnover potion which remote channels accounted for Singapore Pools was only 30% only three years ago. This trend is expected to continue, especially taking into account the projections that online gambling in the Asian-Pacific region will grow in the years to come.

Local regulators are also facing some challenges associated with new gaming products’ development which needs to suit the needs and preferences of the younger audiences, who are less interested in traditional gambling products such as horse racing or jackpot machines. However, at the same time, regulators need to find the right way to regulate these products so that customers remain well-protected against possible gambling-related harm.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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