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Millionaires Casino Returns to Nairobi after Five-Year Absence

After a five-year break following the terror strike at Westgate Mall in September 2013, the South African gambling giant Millionaires Casino is going back to Nairobi, Kenya.

The operator revealed that a revamped Millionaires Casino-branded venue is set to make a grand comeback at the end of the month, August 31st, at the Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, and will make a move to reclaim its former glory as one of the best gambling facilities on the territory of Kenya. The return to Kenya’s capital city also comes as part of the operator’s efforts to create the largest casino situated in East and Central Africa.

Attila Torok, who is a regional operational manager of the company, has revealed that the new casino is set to create hundreds of job opportunities for Kenyan residents, apart from providing high-quality gaming experience to Nairobi casino players. Mr. Torok further revealed that the gambling giant’s main objective has always been to offer an excellent gaming experience to its customers, and the return of the Millionaires Casino to Kenya would close a gap which has remained vacant for quite some time.

As noted by the regional operational manager of the South African casino giant, the Millionaires Casino, which operates as a subsidiary of the Millionaires Gaming Africa Group, will join forces with Capital Limited Group to promote the gambling brand in the region.

Millionaires Casino’s Comeback Expected to Intensify Competition in the Local Gambling Sector

The great return of the gambling giant to the Kenyan capital city is expected to cause some turbulence in the local gambling sector and make the competition between large market players more intense, as the companies would have to fight for their patrons’ attention considering the variety of options customers have.

Millionaires Casino’s comeback has been promoted as the largest launch ever in East Africa’s gambling sector. As mentioned above, the closure of the casino venue five years ago followed the Westgate Mall terrorist attack. Now, the reopening of the gambling facility would come as a “timely comeback” for the brand in the local gambling sector.

The gambling giant has revealed that the Millionaires Casino is set to be hosted at the luxurious Two Rivers Mall in Kenya’s capital city. The gambling venue is to operate as part of the globally recognized Millionaires Gaming Africa Group.

According to the operator’s managers, the return of the brand to Nairobi would meet the public demand for a high-class gambling venue which has been rising after the closure of the property five years ago. Mr. Torok has explained that the casino would be a great place for players who are looking for a Las Vegas-kind of gaming experience in the largest city in the region of East Africa.

 Author: Harrison Young

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