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House of Cards’ Floor Manager Confirms No Illegal Gambling Is Happening during Guam’s Liberation Day Carnival

Gambling has made a return at on Guam’s Liberation Carnival for the first time in a couple of years after local lawmakers gave their approval for Bill 29-35 under which the Mayors’ Council of Guam is allowed to come up with regulations and rules which would ensure games of chance’s safe return. Another measure, called Bill 101-35, codifies the above-mentioned gambling rules.

The Governor of Guam, Lou Leon Guerrero, who backed the prevailing number of lawmakers and the Mayors’ Council to wanted to ensure the return of gambling services during the Carnival, signed both pieces of legislation into law.

However, it turns out that some players who visit the House of Cards on the Liberation Carnival grounds feel ashamed of their gambling and refuse to say their names or have their pictures taken.

As previously reported by CasinoGamesPro, casino gambling is currently illegal on the territory of Guam. Under the aforementioned measures, however, the operator of the House of Cards is permitted to operate casino-style card games only during the carnival. The decision has been made by local senators after the Mayors’ Council managed to convince them that they need the proceeds that would be derived from gambling activities to fund this year’s edition of the Carnival festivities.

Visitors of Carnival’s House of Cards Must Be 21 or Older

Of course, not all Guam citizens who play the games of chance simply want to try their luck. Some of them do it because they hope to win money.

The Mayors’ Council of Guam has announced that Victoria Espinosa is the one who had managed to win the bid for card games after a gambling license fee of $250,000 was paid in her name. A license has been issued to her by the local Department of Revenue and Taxation. Moreover, Ms. Espinosa is announced by the Council as having invested a total of $60,000 to operate one of the big-and-small games, and another $15,000 to oversee both of the so-called “color games”.

Andy Yao, the floor manager at the House of Cards, confirmed there is no illegal gambling business which takes place at the Liberation Day Carnival festivities. As he confirmed for a local media, the Department of Revenue and Taxation has two people monitoring the games of chance offered at the House of Cards at all times and shared that gambling operators would pay their taxes.

In order to be allowed to access the casino gambling services, visitors are required to prove they are at least 21 years of age. In addition, no alcoholic beverages are allowed inside. In addition, there are House of Cards employees who are inspecting the decks of cards used at the gaming tables to make sure there are no missing cards and that the used cards are not flawed in any way.

The card games which for the time being are offered at the House of Cards are baccarat, blackjack, Monte (a Spanish-Filipino card game), as well as a number of poker games, including Pacific Poker (Caribbean Poker), Texas Hold’em, three-card poker, and a two-card poker game called Dragon-Tiger Battle.

 Author: Harrison Young

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