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Sports Betting Legalization Likely to Get Louisiana Lawmakers’ Attention in 2019

Earlier this year, at the time when the US Supreme Court greenlighted sports betting operations in the country, Mississippi lawmakers had already given the nod to a measure that made their state the first one in the US South that offered legal sports betting services.

A similar proposal, sponsored by State Senator Danny Martiny, emerged in Louisiana, but it was shelved by the local committee. Senator Martiny has revealed his intentions to make another attempt to pass his sports betting bill and shared hopes that the success of a recent state ballot measure regarding the issue would bring success for the bill, too.

As he explained, he plans to propose a new sports betting measure in 2019 under which sports betting would be allowed at the already existing casino venues across the state, and could be expanded to also include off-track betting facilities and racetracks in case that other legislators are willing to allow such an expansion.

According to Senator Martiny, local casinos could start taking bets at the beginning of 2020 in case that voters in the state parishes say yes to the measures.

At the time when the US Supreme Court has been taken into consideration the long-lasting sports betting case of the state of New Jersey, the American Gaming Association has provided estimates according to which sports betting could generate about $288 million on an annual basis in Louisiana. In case that state lawmakers make sports betting legal here, up to $62 million could be contributed by the new type of gambling to state’s coffers.

Sports Betting Could Make Louisiana More Resistant to Competition

November 6th saw voters in 47 out of the 64 parishes in Louisiana say yes to the legalization of fantasy sports gambling – a matter that is to engage the Louisiana Gaming Control Board and local legislators with forging the most appropriate regulatory framework.

The approval of daily fantasy sports also raised some concerns, as problem gambling experts shared doubts that the industry will be able to adequately protect local residents, and especially children and more vulnerable people, well-protected against possible gambling-related harm.

The legalization of sports betting services could be greatly beneficial for Louisiana, especially considering the fact that the performance of casinos in the southeast part of the state has already suffered a blow from their competitors in Mississippi. Now, with Arkansas having legalized casino gambling and sports betting, the casino venues in north Louisiana may face a similar problem.

According to experts, sports betting are not particularly large drivers of casino revenue but they could add up to the entire offerings and experience consumers get. On the other hand, the fact that Louisiana still lacks legal sports betting options could make potential customers travel to a neighboring state to take advantage of the greater variety of its gambling options.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.