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Illinois Argosy IV Riverboat Makes it to Goa to Support Field after $8.5M Purchase

Goa’s floating casinos are well-known around the globe as one of the signatures of the local gaming field. In order to facilitate future operation and make sure that it will be hassle-free, Pride Group of Casinos and Hotels announced it has finalized the purchase deal of riverboat Argosy IV had been docked in the state of Illinois up until now. It is going to be used for facilitating the repairing of the two floating casino venues overseen by the casino operator.

This Thursday was a special day for the area of Goa as the gaming group delivered the riverboat casino Argosy IV to Mormugao Port Trust. The previous owner of the vessel sold it for a reported price of $8.5 million following conversations over the past months. Following the inking of the purchase, the vessel was loaded onto semi-submersible heavy load carrier ship Eide Trader at New Orleans and transported all the way to India and its new home – the Mandovi River.

Panaji Casino Operation Progresses

Mandovi River has been a heated waterway for many years now and it is popular as a gaming destination for everyone interested in it. Several gaming boats have been in operation, but when it comes to repair works on a given vessel, every aid of the process is more than welcome. As this keeps the vessels up-to-date, it is a task meant to happen promptly.

The two casino boats currently operating under the management of the casino developer and operator will have to undergo a period of repairs before they are able to operate again. In the meantime, casino enthusiasts should not be deprived of the opportunity to participate in gaming activities, which is where the new vessel enters the game. Argosy IV is going to replace the existing Casino Pride I and Casino Pride II. The year 2019 has been pinpointed as the time when the two floating gaming venues will be sent to Ratnagiri.

As it has been confirmed by the Director of Pride Group of Casinos and Hotels, Shrinivas Nayak, that this is not an entirely new casino, but that the boat is going to replace the outgoing two boats. The community came to the conclusion that the new riverboat has obtained a new license for operation and this further stirred the pot amid an already heated field.

Future Operation Aided by New Riverboat

It should be taken into account that the impact on the company’s revenue is projected to be minimal, as it also oversees operation of Casino Paradise located in Neo Majestic Hotel in Porvorim, a land-based location popular all year round. The brick-and-mortar venue is also going to continue its operation while the boats are being repaired. The dry dock repairs will continue for some time and players are expected to see a lot from the new for the region floating vessel.

The all-encompassing gaming adventure includes buffet meals, entrance in more family-friendly entertainment offerings, as well as accommodation for those in need of rest. It was constructed back in 1994 and throughout its operation up until now, it has been docked in Kansas City, Missouri and Sioux City, Iowa.

The month of September saw the relocation of Argosy IV to New Orleans, where the preparation work for its transportation to India commenced. What should be pointed out is that Goa’s Public Works Minister Sudin Dhavalikar recently added six more months of time for the developers to find their new spots and leave Mandovi River for good. In the meantime, the area is encouraged to take an example from Hong Kong’s coastal casinos and develop on the banks of Mandovi River.

 Author: Harrison Young

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