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MGM GVC Interactive Welcomes Swiss Sportradar AG to Future Sports Betting Empire

The joint venture of MGM Resorts and GVC Holdings PLC seeking to explore the US gaming field and boost its future sports betting scene announced a brand new partner this Thursday. Sportradar AG, a Swiss company specializing in sports data offering is going to team up with the leading entities in order to provide players with a premium level of sports wagering in the foreseeable future.

MGM GVC Interactive has been on the hunt for a partner of equal proficiency in the sports industry which to facilitate future sports wagering operation across the states willing to provide their residents with the gaming offering. Now it has been confirmed that the team will be joined by the Swiss company, having the capacity to bring accurate information in real time.

Along the lines of the arrangement which was reached only recently, the provider will have to guarantee pre-match and live betting solutions, ensuring that all players have their expectations met when it comes to sports gambling.

International Partnership Brings More to Field

This team continues with its global approach towards its future operation. GVC Holdings is the UK-listed betting group which oversees operation of Ladbrokes Coral Group PLC. By partnering with an established name such as this, MGM Resorts wants to ensure that there will not be any hiccups on the way to success. Sportradar will be able to bring its own unique signature to the partnership, as it is an exclusive provider of NBA and NHL data.

It is also going to bring data related to NFL, NASCAR, FIFA, and UEFA to the future sports book available for wagering action. Players will have the chance to witness a wide array of betting options regardless of the particular state they are gaming in. Furthermore, in order to draw even more players to the activity, the Swiss provider will introduce live match trackers, elevating the game and making it even more interactive.

Sportradar’s entry into the vast North American market is a pivotal point for the company, as it is going to have unlimited access to the states in which MGM GVC Interactive picks for future operation. For the time being, as many as 15 of them have been pinpointed by the joint venture, meaning that about 90 million individuals could see the influence on future sports betting operation.

California Market Set to See More of MGM GVC

Such a vast potential field ranks the venture among the most influential operators in the emerging sports wagering field. The partnership came to fruition following a period of preparation for Sportradar, as the company is willing to explore the new market and reserve the best spots in the states where lawmakers are still working on the most efficient set of rules guarding the sports betting sector.

The diverse portfolio it has on offer makes it even more appealing in the long run, as this would mean an all year round flow of professional sports leagues’ tournaments to pick from. At the very beginning of October, a special announcement made it clear that the joint venture which came to life this July is eyeing California’s market and its tribal sector in particular.

This move could see the company well-positioned for the possible launch of sports gambling, once the appropriate regulation is approved. MGM GVC Interactive inked a partnership with the United Auburn Indian Community for future sports betting and online gambling operation. The Native American tribe oversees the operation of Thunder Valley Casino Resort situated close to Lincoln.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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