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Porter County Enters Head-to-Head Battle for Majestic Star Casino License

When it comes to casino operation and the way it is perceived in a given community, a lot can change over the span of more than two decades. This notion has been recently confirmed by Porter County, Indiana which might be well on its way to introducing gambling venue to its area if Majestic Star Casino agrees to provide it with one of its two licenses.

The battle for casino license recently became even more heated as another player entered the race towards the acquisition of the said permit for gambling operation. This Monday brought the news that the Portage City Council President Mark Oprisko might be eyeing the said license and its introduction to the region. In his statement, he made it clear that he is planning to join forces with the Council in order to obtain it, as this could have a positive impact on the local economy, as well as the job market.

Potetnial Casino Operation Attracts Attention

This positive attitude appears to be something new for the overall attitude towards gambling which Porter County has expressed throughout the years. It could be recalled that quarter a century ago the community had the chance to express its position on gambling operation within the borders of the county and people were predominantly stating they do not want a casino venue in their vicinity.

What concerned them back then was the fact that a casino venue could increase the levels of crime in the community as gambling enthusiasts find it hard to cope with their problem gambling tendencies. However, things might have changed since then and this time around a casino venue could have a success among voters. In order to demonstrate his seriousness when it comes to this proposal, Mr. Oprisko even went so far as to pinpoint a potential location for the construction of the casino venue.

Its new home could be a land lot owned by the city of Portage which has previously eyed for the construction of a sports complex. It should be taken into account that the previous owners of the land failed to see the project through, meaning that ever since the plans came to a halt the city has been working on regaining control over the said property which could be better utilized.

Hammond City Council Issues Resolution

Experience shows that neighboring communities already overseeing gambling offerings have maintained the crimes rate without a change since the introduction of gambling facilities, which leads the official to think such will be the case with a Portage casino venue. The next meeting which will see a discussion on the subject is scheduled for 4th December and more development is expected to happen then.

In the meantime, opinions regarding the casino license have been voiced both in support and in opposition. Councilman Colin Czilli, D-5th, claimed he backs the potential acquisition of casino license, as this has the potential to introduce fresh money to the local roads, construction business and more. On the other hand, Clerk-Treasurer Chris Stidham stated that the project should be subjected to careful consideration and assessment.

Monday saw more development on the Majestic Star Casino topic, as Hammond City Council issued its unanimous resolution claiming a desire to welcome the license for operation. Attempts of attracting it date back to 2012, when Mr. McDermott first made it clear that Gary’s license is welcome in Hammond. According to the city’s Mayor, one of Majestic Star’s two gaming licenses would fit well with the existing infrastructure and interest towards gambling in general.

There are also plans for future sports wagering operation, as this week the Interim Study Committee on Public Policy started work on a legislation overseeing the future sports betting sector. When it comes to Hammond and its officials, the only logical move in this situation is the relocation of one of the licenses to the prospering region. Councilman Dave Woerpel, D-5th, pointed out the race for this license will be heated and Gary has no other choice but to participate in it.

 Author: Harrison Young

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