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Jack Sinclair Defeats All Rivals at WSOPE €10,350 Main Event Bagging €1,122,239

The World Series of Poker Europe poker festival has its brand new champion who managed to climb all the way to the throne at the end of the €10,350 Main Event. Jack Sinclair claimed the tenth WSOPE Bracelet up for grabs as well as the first-place prize of €1,122,239 coming with it after defeating all rivals on the way to the top.

The culminating event of every poker festival is one of the closely followed tournaments and players from all four corners of the world are willing to make their way to the venue at which it takes place. It is an honor for them to claim the champion title, as competition for the top positions is more than challenging. Such was the case at King’s Casino in Rozvadov where over the span of the past week players had the chance to showcase their skills and reserve their spots on the Final Table.

Overall Prize Pool of €5,073,000 Brings Generous Payouts

A total of 534 players made their way to the poker event which promised one of the top guaranteed prize pools, as well as a spectacular overall prize pool of €5,073,000. This fact further motivated players to make it far in the structure of the tournament which promised a significant boost to their live winnings.

This is how the fifth day of poker action at King’s Casino saw a total of 12 players returning to their appointed seats, preparing to make the most of the chip stacks they were in possession of. Over the span of Day 5, their number was halved and only six poker pros continued towards the Final Table of the event, which had spots for only six of them.

Among them were proficient players such as Ryan Riess, Laszlo Bujtas, as well as the winner himself Sinclair. He was fourth chip-wise at the beginning of the day and dedicated the remaining levels to climbing. The first player to be eliminated on Day 6 was Ihor Yerofieiev who could not outplay Milos Skrbic and had to settle for the sixth position.

This brought him a well-deserved cash payout reaching €175,965. Soon after that Sinclair managed to generate enough chips to his name in order to climb to the leading position following a battle against Skrbic. The eventual winner had some 17,965,000 to his name, doubling up at a crucial moment of the tournament. It was not long before Skribic had to face Bujtas, another hefty opponent which resulted in the former player’s elimination in 5th place. Skrbic deserved his cash payout of €241,718.

Proficient Poker Players Only Can Make it This Far

Believe it or not, the fourth position on the official rank list of this event was reserved for Riess, who demonstrated significant proficiency throughout the entire Main Event. He was eliminated by Bulgarian poker player Krasimir Yankov, resulting in a sweet payday of €337,778 for Riess. The excitement for Yankov was short-lived, however, as he was the next one to leave the race.

He laid his hands on the bronze, marking a notable performance. At that point, Sinclair managed to harm both Bujtas and Yankov, the latter irreversibly. This resulted in the third-place cash prize of €480,028. At this point, it was only a matter of time before the 10th WSOPE Bracelet was claimed by one of the remaining participants. The winner entered the heads-up duel as the leading force and at a point, he had some 45,250,000 in chips against Bujtas’ chip stack of 7,900,000.

Heated several levels laid ahead of them, as Bujtas succeeded in reclaiming some of his previous chips after a flop fell. Unfortunately, at the end of the day the consolation prize of €693,573 was reserved for the Hungarian player with 3,200,000 in chips. The winner increased his total live winnings to $3,393,632. Later on, he stated that the ideal heads-up duel of this event would have been him against Yankov, as he was an equal rival.

Regardless, he still enjoyed the finale. In the meantime, the runner-up Bujtas thought he deserved more and this runner-up position came as a hit to him. Even though he could not make it to the throne, he was supported and guided by Norbert Szecsi who has two WSOP Bracelets to his name. The end of this Final Table was a wrap for the festival, but not poker action at King’s Casino, as poker action at the renown poker venue never seems to cease.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.