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WSOPE €10,350 Main Event Final Table Welcomes Back 6 Players Led by Laszlo Bujtas

World Series of Poker Europe is a festival associated with sparkling Bracelets and even more sparkling player pool, as some of the most proficient poker enthusiasts prefer to make their way to King’s Casino and give their luck a try. Thursday saw Day 5 of the premium Event #10: €10,350 Main Event and the returning 12 participants.

Their number was significantly reduced to only 6 by the last level of poker action, guaranteeing survivors are proficient and worthy of the large cash payouts. Throughout the entire day, poker players were fighting for their right to attend the Final Day which is also listed as the sixth one in the structure of the poker tournament.

All eyes were set on the prizes but also on the players themselves as they were making their way through the levels via elimination. Laszlo Bujtas was the leading player at the very beginning of Day 5 gaining traction with a chip stack of 7,105,000. Those returning to their seats were also familiar faces from previous 2018 WSOPE tournaments, as well as international champions.

Players Makign Their Way Out of the Event

The first player to leave the field was Ming Xi, eliminated by Jack Sinclair on the 12th position on the official leader board. Xi managed to claim his deserved cash payout of €59,011 for his good performance throughout this culminating event. Shortly after him, another player has to bid farewell to his dreams of grabbing the WSOPE Bracelet and this was Vladimir Troyanovskiy. He busted 11th after battling against Bulgarian poker player Stoyan Obreshkov.

This brought him the same cash prize as Xi’s which is still considered an accomplishment. Another pro, Dominik Matejka was the entry who had to settle for the 10th position halfway through the day after he was sent away by Ryan Riess. This resulted in a sweet payday for him amounting to €75,461 for the player who commenced Day 5 as the player with the fewest chips. The next player who busted claimed the same amount and was eliminated by the very same proficient player. Obreshkov could not outplay Riess and following an all-in, he made his way out of the culminating event.

At this point, it was about time that the chip leader on Day 5’s start Bujtas eliminated a player, which happened to be Bulcsu Lukacs. The Romanian player added some €98,287 to his $21,760 in live winnings and marked his best cash prize from a live tournament. Poker action progressed and all eyes were set on the last player to have his dreams crushed right before the Final Table of the WSOPE Main Event. This happened to be one of the players with bigger chances of winning the champion title – Koray Aldemir.

Chip Leader Remains on Top

Aldemir has proven not once or twice that the throne simply belongs to him. With total live earnings of $9,965,986, he has many top positions to his name, potentially with another one on the way. At the beginning of Day 2, he will start his run towards the throne as the runner-up player with 6,890,000 in chips. He ran straight into Bujtas who eventually eliminated him on the 7th position. This brought Aldemir a sweet payday of €130,350.

Meanwhile, Bujtas further solidified his leading position on the temporary rank list by increasing his chip stack to 14,120,000. Once there were only six players remaining in their seats, all poker action came to a halt in anticipation of Friday’ Final Table. It is set to begin at 3 p.m. local time, welcoming back the pros. Milos Skrbic is occupying the runner-up position for the time being with some 12,720,000 chips in possession. Riess is the current player occupying the third position with 10,615,000 in chips, generated over several eliminations of rival players.

The fourth player at the end of Day 5 was Sinclair from the UK, who had some 8,585,000 gained throughout the levels of action. Bulgarian poker player Krasimir Yankov also made it this far and claimed the fifth position with a chip count of 3,995,000. At the very end of the daily rank list, Ihor Yerofieiev from Ukraine bagged some 3,170,000 for his efforts to make it this far. Day 6 will determine the most proficient among them granting him the coveted WSOPE Bracelet, the Main Event Champion title, as well as the generous prize of €1,122,239.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.