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Montana Casino Thief Slapped with Three Years Behind Bars Due to Poor Mental Health

Casino robberies are a topic witnessing wide exploration in the movie industry subsequently giving ideas to individuals willing to go above and beyond in order to obtain the desired fortune and guarantee a hassle-free life. One individual from Billings, Montana was sentenced to spend the upcoming more than three years in prison for robbery, as well as three more of supervised release. The maximum time he was facing was 20 years behind bars.

This Thursday saw the official hearing on the subject of the casino robbery which took place in the spring of 2017. US District Judge Susan Watters issued the sentence which is going to determine the next six years for the criminal who robbed Powder Horn Casino. The three years in federal prison are going to be followed by another three over which Christopher Richard Mundt will be under strict supervision on charges of robbery affecting commerce.

His Mental State Results in Fewer Years in Prison

In addition to these penalties already largely impacting his life from here on out, he will have to pay some $400 as a compensation to the casino venue which he robbed. It could be recalled that the month of June saw Mr. Mundt admitting his fault and the truth of the said charges. Now more than a year and a half after the said crime took place, Federal Prosecutor Lori Suek and Mr. Mundt’ attorney agreed it would be best if the individual received a relatively shorter sentence.

One of the main incentives for this ultimate decisions was that it has been confirmed that the criminal has had experience with mental health issues in the past, which eventually led to the robbery taking place last April. His state at the moment of the robbery has been diagnosed by a professional, prompting the prescription of an appropriate treatment. Ever since then Mr. Mundt has been taking medication which has positively affected his mental health situation.

Considerable change for the better has been witnessed during previous court hearings, as Magistrate Judge Timothy Cavan saw the individual plea guilty this June, demonstrating complete awareness of his previous actions. At this point, the overall opinion regarding the criminal is that it is rather unlikely for him to commit a crime, due to the medication regularly taken by him.

Details of the Robbery

Over the span of the last year, he has demonstrated readiness to work on himself and improve his behavior and image of a law-abiding citizen. However more than a year ago the situation was far from its current state, as Mr. Mundt decided a casino robbery is worth the try. Its story is like something out of a movie indeed, as the criminal prepared in advance for the act of crime.

He appeared on site with a hoodie on, as well as gloves on his hands, preventing him from leaving any evidence he has been at the South Side gaming venue. He even went so far as to prepare a piece of paper, signaling the casino cashier that he is in possession of a gun and he is not afraid to use it against her if he refuses to cooperate.

Even the most prepared criminals could fail, as it has been the case with him. The piece of paper with instructions he handed to the cashier was, in fact, a receipt generated after a purchase done via Mr. Mundt’s girlfriend’s food stamp card.

Tracking him down was not that hard and eventually, he was located at the same convenience store. Once the trial against him commenced, he faced the possibility of spending up to 20 years in prison for the robbery, in addition to a fine reaching some $250,000.

 Author: Harrison Young

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