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Majestic Star Casino Could Soon Relocate One of Two Licenses Further than Expected

The Majestic Star Casino relocation elsewhere in the city could prove crucial for the positive further development of Gary, Indiana and this Tuesday brought Indiana Legislative Committee’s nod. Shortly after the decision was made public, Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. also announced his position in response stating that the license for operation should be relocated to Hammond, where it could rake up significant revenue.

Tuesday was an important date for the gaming field of Indiana, as the state committee was expected to shed more light on the future prospects of gaming in Indiana. For the past several weeks one opportunity has been eyed by many individuals directly affected by the possible relocation of casino operation. Majestic Star Casino has two licenses for operation and their relocation within the borders of Gary or even to another city is considered.

Relocation Projected to be Beneficial

The Committee on Commerce and Economic Development voted on the subject this Tuesday and gave its nod after an 8-1 in support of the casino operation moving to a new location. This is projected to be beneficial for both the operation of Majestic Star and future operation of the Buffington Harbor area of Gary. It could be recalled that earlier in October conversation started.

A cargo shipping and transportation facility is set to be constructed in Lake Michigan’s Buffington Harbor where the two floating gaming venues are currently located. Vickerman and Associates is the consulting firm which closely follows the process and provides relevant guidance and insight. According to its expert estimations, the area could be better utilized by cargo operation bringing with itself new job positions for locals as well as economy boost.

Some 200 million tons could be witnessed passing the Buffington Harbor, so it only makes sense that officials consider making a move in the right direction. Soon after the projections were issued, Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson also chimed in backing the potential changes. Businesses such as restaurants and shops in the proximity of the proposed land close to Borman Expressway will also benefit considerably from the move.

Hammond Seeks Ways to Attract Casino License

In an attempt to capitalize on the said opportunity, the city of Hammond was quick to express its desire to welcome one of the casino licenses. Furthermore, the Hammond City Council has even commenced work on a resolution showing interest, but such a move is not something unexpected. Attempts of attracting the same casino license date back to 2012, when Mr. McDermott first made it clear that Gary’s license is welcome in Hammond.

Horseshoe Hammond is one of the premium casino venues on a state level, due to its proximity to the border with Illinois. This has further boosted its operation, thanks to Chicago players flocking to the neighboring state and giving their luck a try at the premium venue. According to the city’s Mayor, one of Majestic Star’s two gaming licenses would fit well with the existing infrastructure and interest towards gambling in general.

There are also plans for future sports wagering operation, as this week the Interim Study Committee on Public Policy started work on a legislation overseeing the future sports betting sector. When it comes to Hammond and its officials, the only logical move in this situation is the relocation of one of the licenses to the prospering region. The official resolution is expected to be introduced on 5th November, when the next meeting of Hammond City Council is scheduled to take place.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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