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Missouri’s Amendment 4 Boosting Bingo Games Might Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Missouri is rapidly approaching the ballot taking place at the beginning of November which has the potential to implement several crucial changes to its gamin field. Residents of the state will have the chance to voice their opinion on 6th November stating whether or not they support the idea of a Constitutional Amendment which aims to see bingo advertisement legalization throughout the state.

Amendment 4 has been one of the topics of wide discussion ever since it was initially introduced to the public in May. Back then Missouri’s General Assembly gave its crucial nod to Resolution 59 which aimed to bring some changes to the existing regulation established in the bingo sector. Following this approval, the only thing left for state lawmakers was to introduce the question to the future election set for the first days of November.

Amendment 4 Aims to Liberate the Field

According to the language of the proposed Amendment 4, its approval will mean that residents give their approval to advertising of bingo games. In addition to this, a potential approval will constitute a reduction of the period of time which individuals have to wait until they are able to manage bingo games. At the moment state regulation mandates that volunteers to oversee bingo offerings must have spent at least two years in the structure of an organization overseeing bingo games before they could manage such in a legal manner.

It could be recalled that the year 1980 gave bingo management right to religious, charitable, fraternal or veterans organizations. With the help of Amendment 4, this time period is going to be reduced to only 6 months, guaranteeing a positive change. Due to the current state of the regulation, the field has experienced a crisis of sorts involving volunteers deficit. Meanwhile, casino workers are not subjected to a similar regulation, which is visible by the upward direction of development of the sector.

In an attempt to bring a breath of fresh air and ensure the bingo sector will not be sacrificed. At the moment workers are no sufficiently exactly because of the existing language. It should be taken into account that there have been some 435 licenses issued in 2006, which is a figure halved over the recent years.

Unanimous Support Expressed by Both State Senate Candidates

The year 2018 saw only 227 licenses being issued by the Missouri Gaming Commission, significantly narrowing the field and resulting in the closure of many businesses suffering the lack of licensed employees. Experience shows that individuals find it difficult to wait patiently for the extensive 24-month period to be over before they have the legal right to manage bingo games.

Recently State Senate candidates expressed heir personal position regarding the Constitutional Amendments and propositions which will be voted on the elections. Republican candidate Justin Brown claimed he supports the proposed changes which will be subjected to the public vote. Further solidifying the projected positive impact of the Constitutional Amendment guaranteed by Amendment 4, Democrat Ryan Dillon also backs the changes.

He claimed that the changes will not only boos the field but also prove beneficial for the operation of charitable organizations throughout the state, as they heavily rely on the revenue generated by bingo games. The overall attitude towards this question is positive, just like the bingo activity itself. With less than 10 days left until the elections, conversations on the topic become more frequent. CasinoGamesPro‘s team reminds that 30th October is the final day to register to vote before election day.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.