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Kurdistan Players Lost More than $5.5M at Illegal Gambling Den, Police Raid Reveals

Illegal gambling and organized gambling dens are a widespread occurrence around the globe constantly battled by the authorities, such as the most recent occurrence in Erbil, Kurdistan. A gambling location operating illegally was busted by the police discovering the management behind it – four foreign females as well as seven younger local individuals facilitating the gambling organization operation.

The authorities are striving to guarantee an utmost level of protection against illegal gambling across the country which is why regular gambling raids are performed across the region. The latest operation covering the region confirmed revealed the illegal gaming venue providing residents of Erbil with casino-style offerings. Everyone willing to give their luck a try had the chance to do so in the neighborhood of Bakhtiyari.

Illegal Gambling Harms the Region

Nondescript locations are usually preferred for the operation of illegal casinos and such was the case with the gambling den raided in Erbil. It utilized a residential house in the neighborhood, which due to its central location provided easy access and constant traffic of individuals to and from it. Upon entering the house, Erbil Police officers discovered a wide array of slot-like gaming machines, several gaming tables of premium quality, as well as many chip stacks facilitating operation.

A wide variety of spirits was also available at the gaming den. The arrested four women who were later identified as hailing from Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Iraq were overseeing operation. Seven men from Kurdish origin, also present on site at the time of the police raid were helping them. Hogir Azizi, Spokesperson of the City Police stated that all eleven individuals present on site were arrested and for the time being their identities will not be publicly disclosed.

Inspection on site revealed that the casino venue operating outside the law had managed to accumulate a considerable amount of cash prior to the bust. Mr. Azizi stated that there have been instances of people losing some $2 million while others have lost $3.5 million while seeking winnings via some of the gaming offerings. Further investigation is currently ongoing and it has been confirmed that this is one of many police raids to come in the Kurdistan Region.

Past Investigations Form Fully-Fledges Crackdown

It could be recalled that earlier this year the authorities were able to unearth operation of another well-developed casino den located some 204 kilometers southeast of Erbil, in Sulaymaniyah. A total of 22 individuals were arrested as a result of the police operation, part of the then-launching crackdown covering nightclubs and cafeterias in the area.

There was also cash money available on site, amounting to some IQD1.630 million (approximately US$1,359), in addition to chip stacks further facilitating the gambling operation. As a result of the same illegal gambling bust operation blanketing the area, additional 60 individuals were arrested on illegal gaming offenses under the Iraqi Penal Code.

Ever since then the Sulaimani police is conducting careful investigation throughout the region seeking illegal operation in an attempt to eliminate all unlawful casino venues. Their operation does not benefit the community in any way through reinvestment, as all winnings sink into the pockets of criminals.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.