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Alabama’s Center Stage Secures Renewed Permit, More Transparency Obligations

This Monday was an eagerly anticipated one for the region of Houston County, Alabama as its Center Stage Bingo received an official permit which is set to bring more clarity and firm regulation when it comes to the offerings available on site. The Houston Economic Development Association which oversees operation on site received the renewed permit coming with more obligations related to the bingo operation powered donations.

Houston County is expected to witness many positive changes in the upcoming months, as the gaming venue saw some amendments being introduced to its existing bingo operation framework. Charitable organizations across the county, as well as various initiatives, could very soon receive a significant boost thanks to the gaming operation conducted on site. Since the operation is managed by a non-profit organization, the location is also defined as a charitable one.

Bingo Offerings Benefits the Community

This means that all players entertained by its offerings on site further boost the community and improve it. According to the original agreement under which Center Stage launched, all proceeds generated over its bingo operation are donated in their entirety to charities. This is a blanket state policy which mandates all bingo operation to be conducted in this manner. Following the expiration date of the previous arrangement for operation, the location had to receive its renewed permit.

Up to this point, the Association has been conducting its business in this manner, but under no obligation to provide information regarding the way donations are being offered to organizations within the region. With the help of this updated and improved permit, a regular written report will have to be introduced before 1st June on an annual basis. In it, detailed information will represent all operation conducted on site and how it has benefited the wide array of charitable organizations.

The Houston County Commission had the last say on the subject, organizing a crucial voting this Monday. Three members cast their vote, passing the permit, whereas members of the community also had a chance to voice their opinion. A widely-spread position claimed that a committee should be established with the sole purpose of closely inspecting the donation process. The community and the field are going to benefit from the further data provided by Center Stage.

Houston County Seeks Transparerncy

It could be recalled, that before the start of operation, there was a Houston County Foundation established. Its obligation was to distribute the charitable contributions after the thorough inspection of the body providing its insights and guidance. However, several months after the launch of operation it became clear that reality is far from the projections made prior to its first days of work and the previously estimated profit would not be reached.

Ever since then officials of the Association have been overseeing the process of donating and picking organizations eligible for such financial boost. The first days of September saw another change introduced to the venue, as the location agreed to limit its bingo operation to paper only, ditching the electronic games of chance offered on site. Last October saw the filing of several lawsuits by Attorney General Steve Marshall against the slot-machine duplicates which resemble the ones operating in the gambling hubs around the world.

 Author: Harrison Young

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