WSOPE Monster Stack Event Attracts 666 Players to King’s Casino with €639,027 in Payouts

The Monster Stack event of this year’s World Series of Poker Europe is already approaching its Final Table and participants are more than eager to showcase their true potential and make it to the top positions on the official leader board. The total number of entries reached 666, making the event even more remarkable.

The first flight of this event took place on Thursday attracting a total of 148 players to the poker tables of King’s Casino in Rozvadov. Each of them had to pay the mandatory buy-in of €1,100 in order to reserve a spot. What made the event even more appealing to them was the fact that its organizers announced a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000. It is no secret to anyone that such an impressive prize pool would most definitely result in generous payouts for the best-performing players.

More Players Make Their Way in

Each of the players commencing their quest received some 40,000 in chips which gave them the freedom to push forward and guide action on the felt as they deem appropriate. Towards the end of the day and after 40 60-minute levels only 30 of the entries were still present and in their seats. Quan Zhou from China was the one with the largest chip stack up until the end of the day, bagging 519,500 in chips and reserving his spot of overall chip leader on Day 2 of the poker event.

Proficient players such as Michal Mrakes also made an appearance, ranking third with a chip stack of 389,000 at the end of the day. His excellent performance later brought him to the 13th position at the start of the Final Day. The second flight of this event drew an even larger crowd – 204 individuals, further elevating the overall guaranteed prize pool of the event. Israeli player Asher Assis was the player who climbed all the way to the daily leading position with his chip stack of 349,000. Bulgarian player Boris Kolev also ranked high with his chip count of 230,000.

Maria Lampropulos was another participant who claimed her spot among the 85 Day 2 returning players with her chip stack of 56,500. There was also a third starting flight which attracted the last batch of 314 players to the player pool, ultimately increasing the number to 666. Oleg Netaliev was the participant who managed to claim the largest number of chips as a result of the day’s action and bagged 472,000 in chips on his way out.

His fellow poker player Oleg Pavlyuchuk who recently climbed to the runner-up position of the Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Max Event was also present and progressing towards Day 2 with 105,500 in chips.

Only 14 Participants Return for Final Day

The overall prize pool paid surpassed the originally appointed one, reaching some €639,027. This amount had to be divided among the top 100 players making it this far in the structure. Minimum payout at this event reached €1,605 and the first player to leave with a cash prize was local player Pavel Sourek. Kolev was another participant who left earlier than expected with €1,738, whereas Lampropulos bagged a fair reward of €1,652.

As poker action progressed, Daniel Smiljkovic became the last player to leave right before the Final Day and the Final Table coming with it. When all was said and done, the German player had to settle for the cash payout of €5,513. The last day of action will bring together the remaining 14 payers striving to make it as far as possible.

Chip leader among them is no other than Luiz Filho from Brazil, who returns with a total of 4,350,000 in chips. In the meantime, his fellow Brazilian poker player Luiz Ferreira is the participant with the lowest chip stack of 510,000. Heated poker battle is set to take place this Monday with many proficient players taking their seats.