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Gun Lake Casino Management Looks Deep into Customers Eyes to Find Answers

Artificial intelligence appears to make its way deeper in our lives with each passing day mainly because of the many ways in which it could improve it. One of the latest innovations introduced just recently to Gun Lake Casino situated in Wayland, Michigan was a facial-recognition offering powered by the leading company in the sector, VSBLTY. With its help, the gaming venue management is going to have a much better understanding of the general disposition of players as well as learn more about them.

In an attempt to make the tribal casino venue much more secure and potentially elevate the casino patron experience, the management is willing to implement the all-encompassing surveillance technology. The wide range of software platforms available on site would aim to step up the game at the casino venue.

DataCaptor, VisionCaptor, and VSBLTY Vector are the three platforms which would extract information in real time. Customers entering the premises of the casino venue would be observed and data to the liking of age, gender, and the amount of time they have spent at the casino venue will be obtained.

AI Brings Insights Into Players Experience

What is even more intriguing is that the facial recognition technology implemented by VSBLTY in their software platform is able to provide information regarding a person’s general disposition at the moment. Facial expressions are analyzed as well as their behavior across the gaming floor, the way they interact with a wide variety of gaming devices, and which ones appear to evoke the strongest emotional response in them.

In the long run, this is expected to improve the offers displayed on-screen at any given gaming device in Gun Lake Casino. VisionCaptor will facilitate this process in real time. In addition to these insights into the player’s mentality, objects handled by the individuals will also be closely observed by the platforms. This means that weapons brought in the gaming venue are going to be detected by the security system if they have been missed by the security personnel of the venue.

Upcoming Innovations Part of the Venue Expansion

The casino venue dedicated the past several weeks to many improvements on site, one of the latest ones being the introduction of as many as 14 poker tables located in the brand new poker table available on site. Over a total of 3,500 square feet, players would have the chance to showcase their skills and participate in a wide array of poker games.

As a result of this new introduction, as many as 60 individuals found their new workplace, thus marking a significant boost in the local employment market. The tribal casino venue is willing to further expand its venue, adding a brand new parking lot. It would feature as many as five floors and a total of 1,200 parking spaces. This is expected to attract more casino patrons to the venue and make their stay more pleasant.

In addition to that, the location also supports another initiative which aims to exclude all plastic straws from the bar and dining area of the casino venue. They have been one of the hot topics among all industries and their damage seemed to be overlooked up to this point. Plastic straws appear to be the hidden damage we tend to ignore, but regardless, use almost every single day while outside or at a cafe.

The constant flow of plastic around us could be significantly reduced with the help of this simple step, proving that casino developers strive to better the field and our future. By 1st November the gaming venue would have to get rid of all plastic straws and put an end to their offering with drinks at Gun Lake Casino’s Harvest Buffet and Sandhill Café.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.