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Bulgarian Poker Player Krasimir Yanev Approaches WSOP Europe Bracelet #1

The World Series of Poker Europe is now in full swing and Final Table action would sift through the remaining 10 participants who made it this far in the Colossus Bracelet #1 tournament. A total of 2,992 entries registered over the span of 8 flights

Due to the large interest towards this particular event which gave a kickstart of the poker festival, there were as many as eight starting flights bringing more and more of the proficient players to the felt. Day 1e was the one that crossed the 200-entry mark by attracting as many as 260 players to the poker room of King’s Casino. Some 58 of them re-entered once they were eliminated, making a good use of their option.

The prize pool at the end of this flight reached €152,560 and some 15 of the eliminated players at the end of the day were eligible for a cash payout. Antoine Guerreiro was the first to exit with cash amounting to €799. Some 33 players managed to survive until the end of the flight, Russian player Aleksandr Merzhvinskii claiming the chip leader spot with some 543,000 in chips.

Poker Players Make Their Way in

Later that day poker action continued with another starting flight – Day 1f. The interest rates towards this event reached 336 players registering for participation. Thanks to their joint efforts in addition to the 69 re-entering individuals, the prize pool paid was increased to some €194,298 at the end of the day. The first player to leave with cash payout was Bulgarian player Viliyan Petleshkov, who managed to win the minimum prize of €802.

As many as 23 of the participants were bracing for a payday at the end of the last level, whereas only 38 proved they are worthy of a spot on Day 2. Nico Mussini from Italy was the player with the largest chip stack at the end of the day, as he progressed ahead with some 918,000 to his name. He became the overall chip leader entering Day 2. More poker action was prepared for Saturday, as Day 1g of the event took place. This time there were 663 participants encouraged to register by the fact that action was taking place over the weekend.

The player who ranked on the 123rd position of the daily rank list was Roland Israelashvili who received some €802 for his good performance throughout the day. In the meantime, those who continued ahead to meet once again on Day 2 were 85, Daniel Boros Dr with 771,000 in chips. Eyal Bensimhon was among the survivors with 244,000 to his account. Marek Blasko also claimed a spot on the next stage with 175,000 in chips.

2,992 Entries Registered Boost Overall Prize Pool

Day 1h was the last flight for this event, adding 89 more players to the overall batch of skillful participants. This flight drew 649 people, later followed by some 190 re-entries resulting in prize pool paid €407,307. Budapest player Peter Kamaras was the first one eliminated with €801 added to his live winnings. As the day progressed, local player Matous Skorepa became the last one to bid farewell bagging €885 from this flight. The remaining 89 participants progressed ahead.

This is how Day 2 welcomed back 296 individuals who had proven they are more than prepared for the big cashes and the first bracelet. Prize pool which would be divided by all players eligible for a share of it reached €1,435,412. The last player who could not make it to the Final Table of this event was Klaus Schiefer from Germany, bagging a hefty €13,410, followed closely by Mussini with the same payout.

Remaining 10 players feature Bulgarian poker player Krasimir Yankov on the fourth position with his current chip stack of 8,625,000.

In the meantime, the chip leader at this point is Wojciech Wyrebski with a chip count of 11,875,000. More action is set to take place today and determine who would grab the coveted gold bracelet at the end of the heads-up duel.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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