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More than 600 Players Go in for WSOP Europe First Gold Bracelet Event

Poker tournaments are among the most exciting congregations of major poker players from all four corners of the world providing them with the chance to battle for the great cash prizes and prove they are worthy of the throne. Two more starting flights are down at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, bringing players forward within the structure of WSOP Europe Colossus Event #1.

Time is ticking away and players approach the some of the most riveting stages of every poker tournament – Day 2 and the Final Table with its heads-up duel. However, until it is time for this final battle to take place, participants would have to ensure they reserve their spots on the next stage by making it to the other side. Survivors of the starting flights are eligible for a spot on the second day of action which is scheduled to take place this Sunday.

Four Flights Down, Four More to Go

Thursday saw two more starting flights down, adding a fair share of participants to the overall field of entries. Day 1c managed to bring some 101 players registering for participation and all of them were ready to go all the way in the structure of this tournament. Some 24 of them utilized their re-entry option and received a second chance at winning big. Just like in the previous two flights, a portion of the eliminated players was eligible for a cash payout.

This flight saw seven players receiving cash after exiting, the smallest payout amounting to €809. Local player Jan Bednar claimed it ranking 19th on the daily rank list, but the event has not seen the last of him. The prize pool for this day reached €59,969. As many as 12 people progress ahead to Day 2 and the chip leader among them is Daniel Sergej from Austria. Amassing a chip stack of 649,000 guaranteed him the leading position among his rivals for the big cashes.

Friday Braces for Two More Batches of Players

Next up was the fourth flight which brought together a total of 136 participants registering. The number of re-entries in the meantime, reached 28, marking a relatively modest interest towards the option. With their help, the prize pool paid for this day reached a total of €78,679.

However, eliminated players cashing out were all in all 15 people, the first one to go being Rafael Dahan. The Israeli player claimed the 25th position and bagged some €802 for his honorable performance on the felt. Bulgarian player Plamen Yakimov was also among the outgoing players with his 12th position and a bagful of €1,283.

This fourth flight saw proficient players making a return to King’s Casino’s poker room. Martin Kabrhel who claimed generous cash payouts through the WSOP Circuit poker festival among other currently has 291,000 in chips to his name. Bednar entered this flight as well and this time Lady Luck smiled upon him granting him a leading chip count of 633,000.

There seems to be no shortage of Bulgarian players throughout this event, as Day 1d saw Aleksandar Denishev progress ahead with a chip stack of 494,000. Now that four flights are down there are four more to go. Friday would see Day 1e and Day 1f, bringing even more players to the overall player pool. Those of them who manage to outplay their rivals and make it to the Final Table would most definitely be among the fortunate enough to fight for the WSOP Europe Gold Bracelet.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.