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Hong Kong’s Amax International Offers Expert Helping Hand to Future Cambodia Casino

Cambodia is a country willing to diversify its offerings and become even more attractive to people from all four corners of the world, which is why expanding its gaming field is well on its way. Amax International Holdings has officially announced it is going to offer its support for a casino resort opening in Sihanoukville through its subsidiary company.

The community is eagerly anticipating the last days of March 2019, as according to previously projected time frames this is when a casino venue is set to launch operation. Mittaphea Town is where the gaming venue would be in operation boosted by the recently announced arrangement. With the help of Amax International’s Victor Mind Global Limited subsidiary technical support is projected to be taking place in the months leading up to the official launch of the gaming facility.

Proficient Gaming Investment Company Boosts Operation

Cheung Shing Global Travel Entertainment Limited overseen by Macau junket operator Ng Man Sun is the other part of the work collaboration which would see the essential preparation of the gaming venue for its official launch. What should be taken into account is that the manager is also linked to Amax, where he is at the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

He is also in possession of a 6.44-percent stake in the leading gaming investor. As a result of this partnership, the ongoing relationship of support between the two entities would be continued. It has been confirmed that the arrangement amounts to some HK$9 million, guaranteeing the smooth preparation period and launch of the casino venue.

Prior to the launch, Amax would see a payout of HK$2 million, while the remaining HK$7 million is set to be paid once the gaming venue welcomes its first casino patrons. Along the lines of the arrangement, Amax is going to give the location its signature premium feeling with the help of a design that stands out.

In addition to that, the venue is also set to feature systems for operation offered by Amax, proficiently introduced throughout the gaming venue. This would include the systems overseeing internal management and the proper organization of future operation. The necessary recruiting services for the location would also be overseen by Amax and its subsidiary entity in an attempt to hire the most experienced and reliable staff for the new venue.

Cambodia Set to Draw Internarional Attention

Licenses for operation issued by Cambodian authorities are expected to be acquired in the foreseeable future, ensuring that the site is going to be fully prepared for its operation next spring. The choice for collaboration partner is projected to expand Amax’s influence in Cambodia’s gaming field, as the company already has its presence in Genting Crown Casino.

The venue situated in Poipet has a premium VIP room overseen by the company, dedicating its operation to high rollers and offering some 13 baccarat tables. The integrated resort targets players traveling neighboring Thailand since they are among the main supporters of the casino industry of Cambodia. Neighboring countries to the liking of Vietnam and Laos also benefit from the offerings provided.

The region of Poipet has the potential to become an even bigger magnet for Thailand nationals and since the government has noticed this tendency, it is looking forward to developing in this region. The plan is to turn it into an industrial zone which could generate more revenue.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.