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New Mexico Sports Betting Springs Up in 7 Days: All Details Unveiled

Sports betting is among the hottest topics across the states ever since this spring which is why it comes as no surprise to anyone that the state of New Mexico is willing to claim its spot on the scene. This is going to happen in the foreseeable future, as Native American Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel near Albuquerque announced it is set to launch sports wagering operation as early as next week.

A topic of wide discussion has been sports wagering and when it is finally going to arrive at the state of New Mexico. In the past, there have been speculations regarding which casino venue would be the first one to provide its patrons with regulated wagering on sports events, but now the waiting game has reached its final stages. USBookmaking is among the companies with the longest experience in the field and now it is set to explore yet another state.

Sports Betting Operation on the Horizon

Santa Ana Indian integrated resorts would see the official launch of sports wagering on 16th October, marking the start of a long-anticipated operation. The premium sports book provided by the Las Vegas-based operator is going to diversify gaming offerings available in the region. However, it has also been confirmed that there will not be any mobile sports betting for the time being, since the sports book provided for the location is able to accommodate land-based operation solely.

Even though the state has not officially provided a complete set of rules aiming to regulate the sports wagering field and provide proper protection to all players participating in such, Indian casino venues would still be able to have betting on site. The state has not been able to devise the appropriate legislation up to this point, essentially crippling the field. However, Native American tribes overseeing casino venues operate under Class III gaming licenses which provide them with the apparatus to offer sports betting.

With the help of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act which is set to manage future operation up until 2037, tribal casino venues have the freedom to offer gambling on sports events. The Pueblo of Santa Ana Gaming Commission would be able to oversee future operation in the area.

Tribes Set to Bring Sports Betting to New Mexico

This recent announcement only comes to show the vast possibilities of twists and turns when it comes to states legalizing wagering on sports events. For the time being the state has not considered a sports wagering bill, but tribal venues have the chance to introduce this new offering to the region. In order to guarantee the integrity of future operation, players would have to see adequate rulebook guaranteeing their rights are protected at all times.

Both Rhode Island and Pennsylvania have been racing towards becoming the sixth region to offer sports betting to its residents and guests, but as it turns out, New Mexico was able to outdo their efforts. What should be taken into account, is that the entirety of wagering revenue generated through this operation of the sports book betting area of the venue would be divided between USBooking and Santa Ana Star’s management, leaving none of the pie for the state coffers.

Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas, D-Albuquerque, stated that the region would benefit from the future sports betting operation and advised tribes to consider potential renegotiation of the existing gaming compacts allowing them to operate in New Mexico. This move is perceived as a solution for the raging issue with residents pouring their money into foreign online sports betting, depriving the state of much-needed funding.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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