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NASCAR Management Races towards an All-Encompassing Betting Rulebook in 2019

Sports betting has quite the potential to attract a much-needed attention to every sport, which does not go unnoticed by NASCAR as it already reaps the benefits of enthusiasts betting over the past weekend. Now it has been confirmed that the year 2019 would see gambling regulations providing the necessary protection and set of rules when it comes to betting on the events.

This weekend was a very special one for betting enthusiasts willing to put their skills to the test. The state of Delaware proved to be a pioneer in the sports betting field, offering NASCAR enthusiasts wagering opportunity during all three of the premium races taking place at Dover International Speedway.

Overseen by the Delaware Lottery, this special offering is striving to bring together betting enthusiasts together for the long-anticipated three-day racing congregation.

NASCAR Aims High with Betting Regulations

Friday was set to bring the “Crosley 125” NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race, giving the busy weekend a kickstart. Xfinity Series took place on Saturday, whereas the Monster Energy series playoff races will transform Sunday into a betting bonanza. People had the chance to place their bets at the special kiosk available on site, experiencing the familiar surge of excitement.

Exclusivity was also a factor worth taking into account, as Dower International Speedway became the sole location where legal NASCAR bets are accepted, powered by William Hill. Following the busy weekend for both drivers and enthusiasts, NASCAR President Steve Phelps stated that certain rules would have to be introduced to the field.

Following months would be dedicated to close observation of how people bet and the main trends present. Thanks to the kiosk available on site, this would happen in a continuous manner and give organizers the needed information coming directly from betting enthusiasts. For the time being the location has some basic regulation according to which it operates, but next year would see brand new rulebook offered to the audience.

Among the necessary regulations which should be implemented, according to Mr. Phelps, is a rule restricting drivers and other members of the team from participating in the betting activity whatsoever. Sponsorship arrangements would also be regulated by the upcoming set of rules.

Interest Levels Plunging over Past Decade

The field has been concerned about its levels of popularity, as a trend has been observed in the past more than a decade. Earlier this year it became more than clear that people might not be as keen on watching NASCAR races as they once were. The drop was felt the most when it comes to TV ratings, as they provide a quick and easy way for organizers to gauge the overall attitude towards racing.

Races at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama saw FOX national rating of 2.85 which equals some 4.7 million viewers, marking an 18-percent plunge when compared to the same race back in 2017. Back then people watching the race contributed to a 3.5 rating and around 5.6 million people glued to the screen. According to fans once eagerly anticipating races, some of the reasons for this drop are the seemingly never-ending advertisements flow.

Another major change which has led to a rating drop is the introduction of stages to the races. Future regulation and the already popular betting on the races are set to bring more eyeballs to the screens and on-site attendance.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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