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Moscow Police Bust Illegal Gambling Den, Find 13 Players Claiming No Previous Experience

Illegal gambling is a serious issue across Russia and the authorities are willing to eliminate such operation in a timely manner as soon as the tip-off for its existence is received. Such has been the case with an illegal gambling den located in the capital Moscow and there were a total of 13 players present on site, participating in the computer-based gaming activities on offer.

Illegal gambling is not a new occurrence across Russia, as the gaming regulations overseeing the field have been tightened for many years now. Regardless of the constant efforts of the Government and authorities, players willing to participate in such activities find a way to do so.

The latest gaming den bust came this Sunday when Moscow City Police officers raided the premises where illegal activity was taking place. The casino venue of sorts was located in an old administrative building which provided the needed privacy, as well as easy access for everyone in the know. Computers offering gambling is what made the venue attractive for the individuals present on site.

Illegal Gambling Elimination in Progress

Police officers entered the premises with force, as the door was locked and there was a guard keeping an eye on the entrance of the building. Illegal gaming operation spread across a large room filled with computers. Providing players with the chance to give their luck a try and win easy money, the gaming den was in full swing. Regardless of the late hour at which the raid took place, there were some 13 players present immersed in gambling.

They participated in the slot games provided by the kingpins overseeing operation of the gamblign ring. In addiiton to the players, there were also two females which were helping around the gambling den. Upon the raid, all individuals present on site were prevented from leaving the premises and extensive interrogation commenced. The two females were in distress shortly after the police officers busted in and could not provide much information regarding the illegal operation.

In the meantime, some of the 13 men participating in the gambling activities on offer stated that this has been their first time gaming or they have come along with a friend willing to play. For the time being, the authorities have not confirmed whether or not the owner of the building has been aware of the illicit gambling den. All computers in operation were seized by the authorities.

Online Gambling Crackdown Adds 1,500 Blocked Domains

The raid comes only days after the gaming regulator Roskomnadzor cut off yet another large batch of online gambling domains over the span of a single day. It could be recalled that the very first day of October saw the ban of more than 1,500 domains known for their gaming activities and utilized by Russian residents. Following the block of the said domains, the overall tally since January surpasses 76,000.

When it comes to the online casinos, lotteries, and poker rooms willing to operate within Russia’s online space, the first seven days of September brought the blocking of 1,722 of them. Back in August, the number of unauthorizes online gaming domains managed to reach some 14,500. The surge in comparison to the banned domains over the entire 2017 reached nearly 270 percent, further proving the tough task of the regulator.

Among the brands banned from operation in Russia, there are major players across Europe to the liking of 888, Bet365, Betfair, Betfred, Betsson, Bwin, Dafabet, 5Dimes, Ladbrokes, Lottoland, Unibet, William Hill, and Winamax. The spectacular amount comes as part of the state-wide crackdown and tightening of online gambling regulations which are projected to increase the number of blocked domains even further until the end of the year.

 Author: Harrison Young

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