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Tybee Island’s Community Launches Online Battle against Casino Boat Operation

A proposed new gambling offering brings concerns across Georgia’s community. A previously proposed floating casino venue which goes by the name of Jacks or Better 1 attracts the attention of voters. A recently introduced online-based petition aims to nix future plans of casino cruise ship operation in Lazaretto Creek Maritime District.

In an attempt to put their foot down and make their position clear, Tybee Island’s community launched its latest battle against the said casino boat mooring in the region. With the help of an online petition, they aim to prevent Jack or Better 1’s operation in the proximity of Tybee Island. In order to make their point clear and prove they are in their right to deny such ability, numerous arguments are provided.

Casino Boat’s Previous Operation Concerns Individuals

First and foremost, the thing which would affect the community to a large extent is the potential damage which could be caused by the cruise ship on the bridge connecting the Island to the mainland. Lazaretto Creek bridge is the sole opportunity for residents to travel to and fro work and their homes. However, it should be taken into account that according to data obtained in 2016, the bridge is considered unstable, increasing concerns of potential damage caused to it.

What raised the awareness towards Jack or Better 1 is its history of safety issues and situations jeopardizing its normal operation. The fragile ecosystem existing in the area would also be affected by the casino cruise being docked in the region and disposing of blackwater. In addition to these already concerning for the community arguments, increased traffic in the vicinity of the casino ship is also projected.

The floating vessel has gaming as well as dining and bar offerings on board. Casino patrons which participate in the wide array of offerings risk driving under the influence of alcohol and imposing danger on the road. Said petition has already been signed by a large chunk of the voters, due to its accessibility, but mainly because of the safety it strives to guarantee.

Jacks or Better 1 Seeks Chance for Development

The 135-foot casino boat managed by Cruises to Nowhere, LLC. filed its application for licensing towards the end of August eyeing future operation in this particular area. Back then Tybee Planning Commission stated that it would wait to see more details regarding the project before acting on it.

However, over the span of the past eight years, it has relocated a total of four times, operating in Texas, South Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida. Individuals already supporting the petitions have stated that the casino boat significantly changes the overall feeling of the area, being “an eyesore”. Over-development of the region has also been pointed out, which is an issue that could be further aggravated by the operation of Jacks or Better 1.

As it has been confirmed, the boat would be able to provide four-hour cruises including gaming, while a total of 20 people oversee proper operation on board. This week would provide another opportunity for discussion on a scheduled meeting in the Burke Day Public Safety Building on Tybee Island.

People would have the chance to voice their position on 15th October at 7 p.m., giving them the chance to offer their take on the situation and propose potential solutions and piece of advice. The City Council has the authority to give green light to Jacks or Better 1’s operation or nix it for good. A total of 750 signatures are needed, while at the time of publication of this article there were 514 signatures collected.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.