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Tiverton Community Eyes November’s Ballot to Vote on How Gambling Revenue is Spent

Tiverton would have to focus more on the public opinion and seek the community’s input when it comes to its future gambling operation and the way gaming revenue would be distributed across the region. People directly affected by the said revenue reinvestment in the area would have the chance to express their position during the upcoming ballot set to take place on 6th November, as opposed to previously appointed Monday meeting.

In the past several months one of the hottest topics is no other than November’s Ballot set to take place at the beginning of next month. As the date approaches, more and more people look forward to it and strive to prepare ahead of it by registering to vote and raising the awareness regarding its importance. Now the community of Tiverton has one more reason to anticipate the ballot, as Monday’s public hearing on gaming revenue distribution was postponed.

November’s Ballot Approaches Community

It could be recalled that individuals of Tiverton were invited in order to participate in the debate and cast their vote on a previously introduced order aiming to establish how revenue generated through gaming is allocated through the region. However, the set meeting this Monday was promptly ended as Councilman Randy Lebeau had other plans in mind. He stated that the first days of November would see the community vote on several proposed amendments, one of which bears resemblance to the subject of the vote.

Said Town Charter amendment is listed under the number 10 and asks for the public opinion on the crucial subject of casino gaming revenue distribution for the improvement of the community. People would have the chance to state whether or not they agree with the said amount of annual allocation being invested in the infrastructure of Tiverton, as well as on debt service, instead of utilizing it on the operating budget.

Community Gets Two Chances to Cast Vote

As it was stated by Councilman Lebeau, this week’s voting and discussion would be postponed until after November’s Ballot. However, upon further discussion, members of the Council stated both their support and opposition of the postponing, pointing out that community members deserve to make an informed choice and learn more regarding the proposed charter amendment.

It would directly affect them, which is why further discussion is mandatory. Once the ballot next month passes people of Tiverton would once again have the chance to participate in the public hearing. Ultimately members voted unanimously to table the conversation. It could be recalled that the ordinance previously proposed for voting would oblige the town administrator to provide the Town Council with a preliminary proposal on an annual basis.

It is to be subjected to a detailed inspection by the Budget Committee as well. The ballot next month is set to feature issues related to Town Charter amendments appointed by the Town Council instead of the Charter Review Commission.

The first days of September saw the official launch of Tiverton Casino Hotel, a project which has been eagerly anticipated by the community. The $140-million integrated resort brought the attention to Rhode Island, as well as an increased interest in gaming.

Operation commenced almost an entire month earlier than the originally projected opening ceremony in October. Striving to provide enough entertainment for everyone, a total of 1,000 slot devices are available on site, as well as 32 table games offering a wide range of gambling activities to the likings of poker and blackjack.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.