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Less Than Two Months Left Until Projected Fort Hall Casino Expansion Wind-Up

One of the long-anticipated casino expansions which has been in progress for the past two years is expected to come to an end next month, according to the most recent information. The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes would soon finalize their Fort Hall Casino expansion located right next to the Shoshone-Bannock Hotel, transforming the entire project into Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel.

For the past several months this project has been among the most discussed topics across Idaho, as the tribes have been willing to add this tribal casino venue to their wide range of offerings and potentially attract the interest of many new customers. Tourists willing to utilize the gaming offerings available on site, in addition to the more family-friendly offerings are projected to also attract patrons to the venue.

Casino Expansion Phase II Close to Completion

According to the most recent announcement, expansion is projected to be finalized by the end of November, giving the tribal developer and operator enough time to put the final touches to the location. The gaming venue is part of Casino Expansion Phase II as this part of the project is commonly referred to and as such, it aims to elevate customer experience to the next level.

In order to ensure everything goes according to plan, regular inspections on site are mandatory. Nathan Small, Chairman of the Fort Hall Business Council, joined by some of the members met with the general contractor which oversees the expansion project Big-D Construction Corp.

According to the report provided by Tom Harrison, Senior Vice President of the contractor, more than 120 workers in total oversee construction work guaranteeing premium results. On a day to day basis, there are some 90 people aiming to finish work in a timely manner and within the previously discussed time frame.

Launch Date is on the Horizon

It could be recalled that this spring brought the news that the Native American tribes have put an end to their partnership with Ormond Builders, which was the contractor initially appointed to this project. As a result of some breaches to the contract inked by all parties involved. A month later another company was drawn to the project, reigniting work on site.

This new venue would add some 85,000 square feet of space dedicated to gambling and its attractive offerings. A bingo hall is going to welcome some 240 players eager to give their luck a try at the popular game, but offerings are not limited to gaming ones only. When it comes to premium food options, there would be several such. The Painted House would be the buffet restaurant available on site, whereas a deli working around the clock would provide the most dedicated casino patrons with fuel for more gaming.

Some two years ago, in October 2016 the Fort Hall Business Council gave its blessing to the expansion projected to cost about $35 million. Back then the entire process was projected to take as many as 16 months for its completion, As it later turned out, said hiccup on the way there caused the significant delay in the announced time frame.

This is not the first gaming offering provided by the Native American tribes, as they are also known for overseeing the operation of two other casino facilities. The first one is Bannock Peak Casino, a tribal gambling offering more than 60 gaming machines in a convenient distance from the Bannock Peak Truck Stop.

Sage Hill Travel Center and Casino is the other venue overseen by the Indian tribe. This one provides players with almost double the amount of gaming offerings, in addition to a truckers lounge, a cafe, and a gas station.

 Author: Harrison Young

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