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Mass Regulator Meeting Brings Interim Chairman, Seeks Community’s Helping Hand

For the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, the past few days have been a series of ups and downs, since the Chairman of the regulator filed in his resignation letter. Now the Commission appointed Commissioner Gayle Cameron as an interim head amid tension regarding the results of the Wynn Resorts investigation. On the monthly meeting which took place on 27th September, it was also announced that Region C casino license might soon be placed on the table once again.

Ms. Cameron is known as a former Deputy Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, giving her the experience and skills needed in order to manage the regulatory agency of Massachusetts. She has been in the structure of the commission ever since 2012, following her appointment by Governor Deval Patrick. Her experience comes from her previous authority over the casino regulation, providing her with the needed preparation to temporarily occupy the position. She replaces the outgoing Stephen Crosby who fell prey of both favoritism and negative prejudice accusations.

Field Eagerly Anticipates Investigation Results

Yesterday was a memorable day for the gaming authority, as the future of the local field was at stake. Wynn Resorts has been subjected to the probes of two independent gaming regulators in Nevada and Massachusetts. Their ultimate goal was to discover more regarding the past operation of the casino developer and whether or not allegations of sexual misconduct by former CEO Steve Wynn are true.

Soon after Mr. Wynn was accused of alleged sexual misconducts occurring at the workplace involving his subordinate employees, the investigation process launched. Following months of probing, this week was chosen as the one which would witness the public announcement of findings, having the potential to make or break Wynn Resorts future in the state, as well as affect the overall reputation of the company.

An adjudicatory hearing is set to be scheduled, giving all parties involved the chance to produce testimonies. The process would be completely transparent and public, followed by a period for consideration and ultimate decision announcement. In the meantime, the regulator is seeking the public input on another important question directly affecting the future of Southeastern Massachusetts and its potential casino field.

Region C casino license, as it is commonly referred to might still be on the table, as the application process could launch once again. Some 45 days would be assigned as a window in which residents could express their support or opposition to the subject.

Region C Licensing Considered

However, there are several issues which should be thoroughly revised and subjected to a public conversation when it comes to the casino license. This would result in the state’s third commercial gaming facility once there is a winning bid proposed by a casino developer. A tribal casino developer might also have a chance at claiming it, opening a whole new world of opportunities and diversity.

The newly-appointed Commissioner Gayle Cameron stated at the meeting Thursday that the community would significantly help the process and facilitate the regulator’s work by stating its position. Massachusetts lawmakers have estimated that the region has the capacity of sustaining a total of three commercial casino resorts. This would not jeopardize its integrity or lead to cannibalization of the field, as estimated.

For quite some time now casino developer Mass Gaming & Entertainment has been eyeing the possibility of obtaining the third casino licensing which is commonly referred to Region C casino permit. General Counsel Catherine Blue is now preparing her response to Mass Gaming & Entertainment in relation to its previous application for the said gaming license.

This would establish that a “robust, competitive evaluation” process would be needed, so for the time being its application is not being considered. It could be recalled that the casino developer had plans for building a casino venue in Brockton, which were dismissed as not potentially appealing.

 Author: Harrison Young

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