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WSOP Circuit Deep Stack Open Event Wraps Up with a Four-Way Deal, Ring #2 on the Way

There is a brand new winner at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, but his right to anonymity was respected and he was listed as the winner with the nickname “Leo”. Nevertheless, he claimed the top prize of €16,098 in the Deep Stack Open event which reached its Final Table this Wednesday.

Following a long day of poker action at one of the most famous venues in Europe, players were more than ready to call it a day and have a well-deserved rest. This was one of the reasons why the last survivors at the end of the Final Table of this event decided to arrange a four-way deal and guarantee a more time-efficient Day 2 of the tournament. However, we should start at the beginning of the day when all remaining participants were eager to commence action.

Even though this event does not feature one of the WSOP Circuit Rings as a first-place prize, its popularity was considerably high due to to the tempting cash payouts gravitating towards the throne.

Tournament Offers 71 Cash Payouts

A total of 105 of them were eligible for entering the Final Day, providing yet another chance for them to showcase their true potential on the felt. The very thought was a motivation enough, but there was also the notion that only the top 71 positions on the official rank list of the tournament would be able to lay their hands on a cash prize. It could be recalled that the originally announced prize pool for this tournament amounted to some €100,000.

However, due to the considerable interest towards participation, as well as a large number of re-entries throughout the starting flights of this event, the prize pool managed to swell all the way to €121,600. This significant increase is what further boosted the overall mood at the poker tables and players seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time. The first individual to make out with cash was Sebastian Hartmann from neighboring Germany with his consolation prize of €462.

This was also the minimum cash payout for this tournament and even though he could not make it further than the 71st position on the official leader board, this could still be a motivation for him to enter the second WSOP Circuit Ring Event – the Monsterstack one which commenced Wednesday.

Final Day Action Heats Up King’s Casino

The eventual winner of the poker tournament is a familiar face from the second starting flight of this event. Back then a total of 128 players were bracing for the riveting poker action set to take place up until the end of the day. He amassed the largest chip count towards the last minutes of poker action and bagged 357,000. This ranked him third at the official redraw phase of the event and reserved him a certain advantage over the rest of the player pool.

The runner-up Tobias Alois Draeger who started promisingly the day was eliminated rather soon after Day 2’s start, bagging the minimum payout for this event. Kevin Daumann was the chip leader at the end of Day 1a, but unfortunately, the significantly large chip count could not push him further than the 56th spot at the end of the day, also bagging the minimum €462. Maxime Andre Conte from France, who was also the overall chip leader prior to Day 2. He claimed the 28th position, adding some €705 to his live poker winnings.

The four-way arrangement saw players from Germany, Israel, Austria, and Lithuania claiming fair and most importantly relatively equal shares of the remaining cash payouts. Israeli poker player registered under the nickname “Nuki” bagged €14,933 as a result. Third position on the official leader board was occupied by Hans Peter Weinhappl bringing him some €13,749, while Lithuanian Vygerdas Jonikas added a total of €12,409 to his overall earnings.

Right after the end of the Final Table, another riveting poker tournament commenced. WSOP Circuit Monster Stack Ring #2 Day 1a provided players with yet another chance to bag the coveted piece of jewellery. The rest of the week would see more development of this event, as well as the new champion.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.