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WSOP Circuit Events Action Kicks Off at King’s with €300,000 GTD Opening Event

The World Series of Poker is considered to be among the premium poker festivals which has the potential to gather the attention of some of the leading poker pros. The latest edition of the WSOP Circuit Events is the reason why King’s Casino located in the heart of Europe – Rozvadov, the Czech Republic, is now the heated arena of epic poker battles starting with the grand Opening Event.

It is no secret to anyone that WSOP is able to provide its champions with some of the most coveted pieces of jewellery in the poker world. WSOP Circuit Rings are considered a valuable confirmation for one’s ability to outplay rivals in a fast paced environment such as the Final table of any given WSOP tournament.

Thursday witnessed the official start of this poker festival, meaning that poker enthusiasts from near and far braced for an intense couple of weeks ahead.

King’s Casino Braces for World-Class Poker

Each optimist eager to claim their seat at one of the poker tables available at the poker room of King’s Casino had the chance to make the first step by investing some €299. This ranks the event as one of the affordable ones in the diverse gaming schedule of the premium festival. In comparison to the buy-in mandatory for participation, the guaranteed prize pool is able to reach new heights and be one of the largest within the festival’s structure.

As previously projected, interest towards registration for this starting event was substantial and at the end of the registration period, there were some 101 entries listed. As many as 15 of them were people utilizing their re-entry option giving them a second chance to make it all the way to the top of the poker tournament’s rank list. In exchange for the buy-in, each of the participants received a starting chip stack featuring some 30,000 in chips.

Event organizers had estimated that this amount provides patrons with the chance to showcase their full potential across the 40-minute levels of Day 1a. Riveting action was guaranteed from the first minute, as players were eager to see who is qualified enough to make it to the other side. Only 17 of them survived until the last minute for the starting flight and they would receive the chance to meet once again on Day 2, set to take place on Monday.

Ranking Players for Their Accomplishments

The player who ranked lowest on the temporary leader board was Duc Son Dang from Vietnam. He claimed the 17th position at the end of the day with his chip stack of only 7,000 in chips. For the time being, he is the player with the lowest chance of surviving the next phase of the Opening event.

In the meantime, the player who has the largest chip count, for the time being, is Josef Snejberg, who is a local poker pro fairly known at King’s Casino’s poker room. At the end of the day, he had a total of 405,000 in chips to his name which reserved him a spot among the leading players on Day 2 of this first Ring event. Now it is time for Day 1b of this tournament, once again bringing players from all four corners of the world.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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