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Chip Leader Nino Wagner Steals Crown and €52,481 at Dutch Classics Main Event

Culminating events bring quite the excitement to players from near and far and they are among the preferred ones such as the most recent Dutch Classics Main Event which transformed King’s Casino into the hottest spot for poker in Europe at the moment. The skillful champion who climbed to the throne was Nino Wagner ranking among the top performers from previous days and bagging €52,481 for his excellent performance.

Players seem to react positively to certain stimuli such as the announcement of a bigger total prize pool than the originally announced one. This was the case during this event, as the originally announced prize pool amounted to €200,000 whereas the overall prize pool generated as a result of the starting flights reached €292,932. This guaranteed generous payouts to the players who made it past the money bubble burst.

Only the top 175 spots on the official leader board were eligible to a cash payout which was good news for many of the participants. The culminating event managed to draw some 1,689 entries with its prestigious title and overall reliable reputation.

Main Event Heated Action

Poker action on the felt came to a halt right before the official start of the Final table as surviving players decided to reunite once again on Monday and commence anew their quest towards the throne. Wagner was the chip leader at that point with some 24,050,000 in chips proving his skills when it comes to outplaying most of his rivals.

Since he had in his possession a larger chunk of the overall chips, Wagner was more than confident he had a certain power over the way poker action would commence on the Final day of the Main Event. The runner-up position at that point was claimed by Korbinian Stani Sonnenholzner from Germany who entered the tournament on Day 1b. Back then he qualified for the next stage by claiming a total of 393,000 in chips and outplaying the 710 entries of the starting flight.

Upon arriving at the Final table he had some 11,750,000in chips to his name. In the meantime, right before the Final table has started, Hendricus Post was the player ranking third on the unofficial rank list with a chip stack of 11,450,000. This configuration promised proficient poker action once action resumed.

Final Table Players Showcase True Potential

This Monday brought new life to the Main Event for one last push towards the throne. The first player to make their way out was participant registered under the nickname rajsek from Slovakia. He was eliminated at the ninth position which brought him some €3,890 – the minimal payout at the Final table.

Following him closely was Dutch player Jelmer Schuurmans who claimed the eight spot on the official leader board and for this feat deserved some €5,012. Hannes Wieland Jeschka is a French poker pro who added some €7,033 to his total career winnings increasing them to $14,267. The sixth spot was later on claimed by Ronald Van Dam who succeeded in amassing some €9,227 for his deep run in the poker tournament.

Kurt Radinger was the Austrian participant eliminated right after Van Dam who marked his fourth live winning as well as largest live winning. The fifth position on the official leader board brought him some €12,479 and the pride of reaching this far in the premium poker tournament. Another Dutch poker pro called Koray Sueler reached even further on the official leader board and finished fourth bagging a total of €16,287. He entered the field no Day 1c where he finished 34th and pocketed 294,500 in chips.

The ranking prior to the Final table start remained unchanged on the official rank list, as Post maintained his third position. He claimed the third-place prize of €21,736 proving his skills when it comes to poker, even though this was his first-ever live cash winning. Sonnenholzner had the runner-up position reserved ever since the beginning of the Final table, as this was his original position. It brought him the consolation prize of €30,904.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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