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Back to School: Encore Boston Harbor Educates Dealers amid Investigation Frets

Wynn Resorts is striving to maintain the level of preparedness of its staff and this would easily happen with the help of the brand new initiative realized by the partnership between Charlestown’s Cambridge College and the soon-to-launch Encore Boston Harbor integrated resort in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to that, the thorough investigation which would decide Wynn Resorts future in the state is also approaching its final stages.

When it comes to employees of a casino venue, the level of expertise and the knowledge they have accumulated through their years of work with gaming patrons is what makes them truly valuable for their employer. For those of them that are just now entering the field of gaming, the appropriate training would have to be provided and this is going to be guaranteed by the aforementioned extensive education program.

This school for professionals would ensure that casino patrons have the chance to enjoy the premium casino experience provided on site with the help of the newly trained dealers that would soon emerge from the training.

Essence of the Casino Training

Through the extensive training provided by the special dealers’ school employees would be thoroughly informed about the proper ways in which they could work most effectively. They would acquire expert knowledge regarding the basics of the dealer’s work on a day to day basis. Some of the games which would also receive the attention of this new program would be Blackjack games, as well as a wide variety of poker games that have always enjoyed high popularity.

This is only a starting point for the dealers’ school since the upcoming years are set to bring more to its future alumni. According to the information, education on roulette games and craps would also be available in the well-rounded educational program of the initiative. On site of the casino venue, there would have to be some 1,100 dealers employed and people willing to make their way into the workforce of the future integrated resort would soon have the chance to do so.

Details Surrounding the School

Cambridge College in Charleston is the facility which greenlighted the dealer school on 17th September. Over the span of 16 weeks, attendants would have 20 hours per week to acquire the skills needed.

A total of 50 employees who succeed in meeting the expectations of the casino developer would have the chance to make a good use of one of the scholarships on offer. Residents from the region of Everett, Malden, Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, as well as Medford would be eligible to one of the scholarships facilitating the entire process.

Cost for participation in the educational program reaches $700 covering three sessions over the span of every single day of training. Monday through Thursday enthusiasts willing to acquire knowledge would have the opportunity to become proficient in their future employment with sessions from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a couple of one-hour breaks sprinkled throughout it.

In Other News

An investigation which has the potential to decide the future fate of Encore Boston Harbor is approaching its final stages. For the time being, however, no official statement has been issued by either of the authorities, as the final decision of Massachusetts Gaming Commission is anticipated soon. It should be taken into account that the regulator has the right to revoke the gambling permit of Wynn Resorts or slap a hefty fine on the operator if the situation calls for it.

As a potential date for the probe’s findings coverage is set 27th September, when the regulator’s next meeting would take place. In relation to the delay, Massachusetts Gaming Commission Executive Director Ed Bedrosian recently stated in an interview that “comprehensive fact-finding and analysis must take precedence” over urgency.

In case that Wynn Resorts fails to pass the suitability test and the regulator proves that the developer is no longer permitted to oversee operation of the resort, a new licensee would have to be chosen. Since this is the first commercial integrated resort in the area, companies willing to seize the opportunity are expected to act promptly.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.