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Dutch Classics Main Event Welcomes 1,689 Players Hungry for Slice of €292,932 Prize Pool

The number of players registering for participation is probably the most accurate way of estimating how successful a given poker tournament is. If this statement is considered true, the Dutch Classics Main Event was among the most successful ones since the beginning of this month, as there was a total of 1,689 entries willing to make it all the way to the top of this poker tournament.

Providing players with the chance to claim one of the considerable cash payouts, the Main Event which happened over the span of the past few days at King’s Casino in Rozvadov was predestined to attract the attention of a large crowd. This was visible ever since the very first day of action on Thursday when the initial starting flight managed to draw some 219 players to their appointed seats at the poker tables.

This set the overall tone of the tournament and ensured that participants for the event would significantly boost the initially proposed guaranteed prize pool.

Starting Flights Stir the Field

The second starting flight commenced Friday and gathered some 343 players willing to progress ahead to the next stage. A total of 89 of them opted for their re-entry option since they were eliminated from the run sooner than expected. Throughout the levels of action, only 196 players made it to the other side and reserved their spots no Day 2 of the Main Event.

The chip leader among them was Milan Kucera from Slovakia who is renown across the poker field. He succeeded in amassing some 401,500 to his name and continued ahead, but made it only to the 134 spot and added €504 to his career winnings of $35,765. Saturday was the day which saw an even larger crowd with some 452 players making their way to register.

The chip leader among them at the end of the day was no other than Michael Heinz Broschek from Germany who had a chip stack amounting to 788,000 in chips. This is how poker action reached the last starting flight for this culminating event and it brought a total of 307 players to the field.

Final Table Action Set to Commence on Monday

Greek player Christs Chnaris managed to outplay his rivals and claim the most chips reaching 437,500. At the beginning of the official Day 2 of the event some 494 players returned to their seats and resumed poker action, this time determined to go all in for the win. Peter Karaffa from Slovakia was the player commencing action with the smallest chip stack of 5,500 in chips.

Broschek was the overall leading figure, however, over the span of the day he was also dragged down to the 116 spot which guaranteed him one of the minimal cash payouts of €565. With an overall prize pool reaching €292,932 and exceeding the originally appointed €200,000 the top 175 spots on the official leader board were eligible to a cash payout. The last player who could not qualify for the Final table of this culminating event was Paul Hermann, bagging the well-rounded cash prize of €3,225.

Remaining nine players braced themselves for the Final table, making for a diverse field. There are participants from the Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany, and Austria. Poker player registered under the nickname rajsek coming from Slovakia is currently at the bottom of the rank list with a chip stack of 2,150,000.

In the meantime, the leading participant at the very beginning of the Final table would be Nino Wagner, placing a gap between himself and the runner-up position with some 24,050,000 to his name. This Monday is set to see riveting poker action at King’s Casino, as well as the next champion of Rozvadov.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.