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Police Raids across Srinagar Gambling Dens Rake In Some Rs31,532 So Far in September

India has been on an ongoing quest towards eliminating illegal gambling in all its forms and raids have become an everyday occurrence. The latest operation against a developing gambling den resulted in the arrest of a total of five individuals participating in illegal gaming activities in the city of Srinagar in the Kashmir Valley.

For those trespassing the law, there are considerable punishments, which is a fact that has been proven in India once again. The raid taking place this Thursday unearthed the existence of a gaming den in Srinagar. The exact location of the den made it easily accessible by a large number of people, as it was situated in the shrine of Dastageer Sahib’s area. The police operation was conducted by a team of trained professionals of Police Station Khanyar overseen by the Station House Officer.

Illegal Gaming Widely Spread

As a result of the police raid, some Rs12,820 was obtained on site, as the amount was utilized as gambling stakes. Since the operation was in direct breach of the established set of regulations in the state, a case has been registered against the five criminals arrested.

This has not been the first occurrence of illegal gaming in the region of Srinagar, since the beginning of September saw another operation conducted at the Botanical garden area. During that raid, some ten people were booked due to their involvement in the illegal activity. On site, there was some Rs18,712 in the form of stakes which were also seized by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Previous months have also witnessed raids across the region in an attempt to keep a close eye on any illicit activities. The all-encompassing gambling crackdown which is currently in progress has been witnessing significant results over the span of the past several months as more and more individuals are being arrested for either organizing illegal gambling rings, or participation in such.

Potential Gambling Act Amendment

They usually occur after a thorough investigation has been conducted, clarifying details regarding the gambling organization managing the table games taking place on site. Reliable information is obtained with the help of tip-offs provided by locals which are well-acquainted with the existing gaming congregations.

It could be recalled that in the meantime, regulators have been eyeing the opportunity of gambling expansion and fortifying of the existing framework. Since operators have been conducting their business without significant restrictions, an amendment of the Public Gambling Act was proposed back in July.

For the time being there is no formal gaming commissioner which to oversee the field. Dr. Afonso Botelho, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Rosary College of Commerce and Arts in South Goa recently stated that the industry should welcome a specially designated commission which to provide the needed control.

However, the current Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had other plans in mind, stating that the regulation in its current state was fully capable of providing the casino field with the needed restrictions where such are needed. This controversial decision stirred the pot, at the same time resulting in more determined police investigations and on-site raids.

Problem gambling levels surge concerns were voiced in the community, but what should be taken into consideration is that there is illegal gambling already happening at the moment. Licensed operators are the only developers allowed to provide gambling in a legal manner in the states of Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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