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PokerStars MEGASTACK La Grande-Motte Thrills Players with €100,000 GTD Main Event

In the poker world, PokerStars is a brand with wide recognition, reserving its festivals a spot at every poker pro’s agenda. This Tuesday is set to see the official start of the latest MEGASTACK challenge the poker brand has on offer, aiming to transform the French La Grande-Motte seaside resort and Casino la Grande Motte into a heated poker hub.

Throughout the following several days leading up to Sunday, all enthusiasts willing to showcase their poker potential would have the chance to do so at the PokerStars MEGASTACK La Grande-Motte festival which would feature a wide array of poker events attracting them with hefty prize pools and payouts.

The Main Event is the pivotal point for this festival binding together all its points and commencing on the very first day of the poker festival. There is no need to postpone the culminating tournament that everyone is interested in entering, which is why the fun would start Tuesday.

Main Event Fever

Buy-in for the Main Event amounts to some €170 making it a pretty affordable event which could be entered by players with different poker background. In exchange for the relatively small entry fee for this event, there is a guaranteed prize pool of some €100,000, making it a delicious treat for all poker enthusiasts registering for participation. It is expected that the interest towards this event would surge and the overall prize pool might cross the initially announced mark.

Each of the players entering the race towards the top payouts would commence with a starting pack of 50,000 in chips to their account, obtaining the right to operate with them as they deem convenient. Levels of action are set to half an hour each, giving enough time for players to develop their poker strategy on the felt. There would be a total of six starting flights for this event, bringing together as many players as possible.

Thursday and Friday would each see one regular and one turbo starting flight, the only difference between them being that the latter comes with 15-minute levels. The skillful winner who manages to make it all the way to the top and claim the throne would receive the coveted Platinum Pass package unlocking the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship. The package itself amounts to $30,000 and provides several great perks to its owner.

The first one and most important is the buy-in for the event reaching $25,000. This comes accompanied by a total of six nights covered at the Atlantis Resort, Nassau, in The Bahamas. In addition to that, there would also be some $2,000 guaranteeing that players would reach their destination in a premium manner and all kinds of possible expenses around the hotel room.

Last Day Poker Action

Saturday is set to bring Day 2A of the event starting at 11:00 a.m. where levels of poker action would last 40 minutes. Once this congregation comes to an end, Day 2B would start around 13:30 p.m. bringing all surviving players one step closer to the ultimate Final Table. The official Day 2 is also going to launch on Saturday, once the previous two flights have been concluded.

The schedule for the day appears to be filled to the brim, bringing the coveted High Roller event and a satellite one to it in addition to the ongoing Main Event. This premium tournament would be a single day one featuring a buy-in of some €330, but for the time being no guaranteed prize pool information has been issued.

In order to provide players with a wide range of events, the festival organizers have also featured another preferred by many poker tournament – the Bounty one. Buy-in for this event reaches €170, providing players with some 20,000 in chops to their name and the chance to hunt down their rivals and be rewarded for it. The upcoming days are set to bring more than exciting action to the picturesque French region, so buckle up for it.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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