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Slovakian Poker Player “eMKey” Takes Down IPC Main Event Following Four-Way Deal

Mere hours ago, the Slovak poker player “eMKey” emerged as the crowned victor of the International Poker Cup (IPC) Main Event, taking home the lion’s share of the guaranteed prize pool.

The glorious Main Event of the IPC tournament was held from September 6th to 9th at the King’s Casino Rozvadov, featuring a massive guaranteed prize pool of €100,000 and a modest entry fee of €150.

This was the first time when King’s Casino Rozvadov in the Czech Republic hosted the International Poker Cup. The Main Event of the live poker series saw a 517 player field, with 372 original entries and 145 re-entries registered this year. The players accounted for only half of the announced pool prize, with only the first 63 players getting a cash portion ranging from €404 to €18,363.

The Final Day of the tournament saw the Slovakian poker player “eMKey” emerge victorious following a deal between the last four players standing. As a chip leader at the time of the deal, “eMKey” secured the highest cash portion of the prize pool, a total of €14,069. Before his victory in the IPC Main Event at King’s Casino Rozvadov, the player, whose real name is Marián Fridrich, had total live earnings of $237,184 (about €205,000). His pay-check at the end of the IPC Main Event amounted at €18,363, which, however, was not enough to beat his best live cash for the time being.

”eMKey” Faces Rough Competition in the Final Day

As mentioned above, this was the first time when the King’s Casino Rozvadov hosted the International Poker Cup.

The Slovakian, who eventually beat the competition and was crowned as the Main Event’s champion entered the final day of the tournament as one of the players with the best chances of winning it. Still, “eMKey” was about to face some tough competition, such as the French poker player Fabien Baldelli who last year won a World Series of Poker Circuit Rozvadov gold ring and the Russian Elena Litvinyuk who managed to win the Ladies Event at the 2015 edition of the WSOPC Rozvadov.

The final table of the IPC Main Event was an international one. At the time when there were only four players standing, the clock was stopped for the players to discuss a deal. A bit later, they shook hands on a four-way deal, in which “eMKey” ended up with the highest portion of cash.

With “eMKey” emerging as the International Poker Cup Main Event’s victor, taking home an overall prize of €18,363 following a four-way deal, the New Zealander Suneran Naidu remained second. He received a total of €11,590 for his efforts. Georgi Dangel occupied the third place, scooping a €8,313 portion of the overall prize pool.

The fourth place was taken by Marek Soukup, followed by Jona Wilmsmann. Yehuda Cohen remained sixth.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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