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Tobias Laubert Bags €1,536 at IPC Opening Event, Main Event Brings Grand Day 1a

This week is one of the exciting ones for players at Rozvadov coming to the heart of Europe to put their poker skills to the test. The latest event which gathered all poker forces to the field was the official Opening Event of the International Poker Cup which came with a juicy guaranteed prize pool and granted German poker player Tobias Laubert the first place prize of €1,536 following a four-way deal at the end of the Final table.

With the arrival of the fall season, it might seem that the poker scene has nothing new on offer, but that is definitely not the case when it comes to the wide array of poker offerings at King’s Casino in the Czech Republic. Players from all corners of the continent are thrilled to experience some or all of the poker events across the poker festival which saw its first grand winner at the early hours of this Thursday. Players were already warmed up for poker action through the previous tournament taking place on Tuesday.

Opening Event Action Sets the Mood

Everyone willing to make it all the way to the top positions on the official leader board had the chance to do so in exchange for a buy-in amounting to €80. Such an affordable buy-in was not to be overlooked and many participants were willing to claim their spot on site.

Starting pack for this event amounted to some 15,000 and there were a total of 20 levels of action featuring an unlimited number of re-entries. This provided all players willing to make it all the way to the top with enough opportunities for reaching far in this tournament.

Some 28 participants were eliminated earlier than expected from the tournament and had to opt for their second chance in winning big at the Opening event. The overall paid prize pool managed to reach €6,650, which had to be divided fairly among the top 11 positions on the official leader board. The lucky winner who managed to outplay all rivals on the felt was Laubert, who added he first-place prize to his total live earnings of $30,491.

This poker venue seems to bring him good fortunes, as his second-largest cash payout was claimed at King’s Casino back in 2013. Georgian poker player Laubert reached the fourth position at the Main Event of that year’s Deutsche Poker Tour which brought him a fair share of the prize pool and €7,733. Towards the end of the Final table, there was a four-way deal set among the top players willing to save their energy for the Main Event.

Juergen Michael Knapp was the player who claimed the runner-up position on the official leader board and this brought him a total of €1,033. This was the set payout for the remaining two players. Claudia Lokar was the participant who with her chip stack reached the third position, whereas Asker Sonov from Russia was the player who had to settle for the fourth position on the official rank list.

Main Day Day 1a Commences amid Large Interest

Once this event was over and players were all set for the Main Event, the first starting flight commenced. A total of 38 of them entered the culminating event for this poker festival, whereas 16 of them utilized their re-entry option. When all was said and done, only nine of them made it to the other side, set to return once again.

The chip leader at the end of the starting flight was Julian Maergner who has the potential to go far once all surviving players reunite on Day 2 thanks to his chip stack of 401,000. For a first starting flight, this performance was considerably decent and more participants are projected to make their way into the event utilizing the remaining chances.

The second starting flight is set to launch this Friday and players would soon commence lining up and taking their seats. Poker fans are also eager to see who among them would be skillful enough to outplay all rivals and make it all the way to the top of Day 1b.

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 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.