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Penn National to Propose Springettsbury Township Mini-Casino Plan 12th September

The wide array of gaming opportunities in Pennsylvania might soon witness the introduction of a brand new one, as yet another mini-casino project entered a new stage this Thursday. Major casino developer and operator Penn National announced its final decision to bring premium offerings to all gaming enthusiasts at Springettsbury Township, as a part of the gaming expansion taking place statewide.

Time is precious and the consideration needed in order to establish the most suitable location for a mini-casino venue should not be taken lightly. This improvement principle is applied by the major operator when it comes to the construction of its second satellite gaming facility. A plan for a Category 4 casino venue overseen by the successful bidder is to be presented in front of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board next Wednesday.

The application itself is, therefore, going to be subjected to the thorough review of the authorities, ultimately having their official saying on the matter. According to the official announcement, the chosen site for casino venue construction would be at a highly-accessible area at the York Galleria Mall. The building located on Whiteford Road could prove to be just the boost the casino operator needed, as this is a high-traffic area and potential casino patrons could easily make their way.

Its well-known brand would embellish the former first floor of recently shuttered Sears store, bringing Hollywood Casino York to the region. Following careful estimations of the satellite venue’s potential impact on Penn National’s already existing operation in Central Pennsylvania, the Springettsbury township was pinpointed.

It could be recalled that a deadline extension was needed and previously claimed by Penn National back in June. Originally the ultimate date for decision announcing was 12th July, but as it turns out the deadline will be extended to 12th September.

Throughout this period of time, the developer was mulling over several areas of the York County to the liking of Hellam, Manchester, Shrewsbury, and Springettsbury townships. Out of them all the most profitable in the long run might be the York Galleria Mall one.

Fifth Category 4 License Still Awaits Site Choice

Back in January at the very beginning of mini casino auctions Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association linked to Penn National managed to propose the biggest bid among all competitors. The bid itself amounted to $50.1 million, securing that the bidder will remain in superior position to the rest of the competitors.

Back in the spring, Penn National was very active at the auctions and this a second Category 4 licensing owned by the casino developer. Fifth mini-casino bidding in April saw a significant drop in the rates of interest towards participation. It was then established that the minimum acceptable bid is $7.5 million, as to keep an eye on the gaping hole in the state budget. As a result, the casino developer proposed $7,500,003, adding only $3 over the minimum amount.

Since this was also the only bid proposed within the present at the auction this guaranteed the casino operator the opportunity to receive a mini-casino license on one of the smallest prizes up to this point. This sets the operator at both ends of the investment range, as the first successful bid was among the highest ones proposed.

Local Reactions to the News

It could be recalled that the township initially opted out of the mini-casino expansion since the locals were not that keen on welcoming a brand new gambling venue. Concerns of problem gambling surge were expressed, but later on, following a weighing of pros and cons, the area re-entered the race for a mini-casino venue.

There are still people opposing the decision, especially after Penn National made it clear that the popular mall might welcome the gaming venue. There are local residents stating that a casino venue is not needed at the moment and there are other initiatives which could benefit from the investment.

On the other hand, there are also people regarding the matter from a different perspective and claiming that the introduction of a casino venue could liven up the area of the mall and boost other businesses within it as well, providing for a wide range of offerings. The upcoming weeks would see the application filing in as well as the ultimate decision of the PGCB.

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 Author: Harrison Young

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