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Premium Buses to Bring 300+ Casino Players per Week to MGM Springfield

MGM Springfield is the brand-new casino resorts which launched operation recently and is aiming to completely transform the Massachusetts area. This is possible thanks to the special buses which make the venue easily reachable for residents of other state regions, as well as neighboring states such as Connecticut.

Springfield has got everything covered when it comes to the transportation offerings to MGM Springfield, as it could be seen this Tuesday. Gaming enthusiasts willing to make their way to the first integrated resort in the state now have the chance to do so thanks to the bus service provided by the casino developer.

A total of six buses were appointed to travel from more distant areas to the liking of Worcester, southern Vermont. The Hartford and Middlesex Counties in Vermont, as well as western Massachusetts, would also be covered by the driver coach program.

Five Bus Trips a Week Scheduled

It was confirmed, however, that this would not be a one-time thing and the operator and developer is preparing to make the trips regular. As often as five times a week people would have the opportunity to make a fast trip to the $960-million casino resort and be among the first to enter its premises. This is a collaboration between MGM Springfield and the local charter bus line King Ward Coach Lines.

Covering the western part of the state, the company was the perfect choice for a partner once management of the integrated resort started searching. Locals already know the company and many of them have probably utilized its offerings since it provides trips to two of the hottest tribal casino venues in Connecticut – Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun. There is a policy which states that there should be at least 10 passengers present at the time of leaving which would guarantee that the trip would take place.

Dennis King is the President of King Ward Coach Lines and eh stated that the program would be a regular one, adding up to the already existing ones. The buses are brand new and specifically dedicated for the purposes of the travel program. In addition to the convenient traveling option, players would also receive a complimentary bonus pack which could be utilized at the MGM Springfield once they arrive on site. It would amount to $20 applicable to the slot devices boasting premium gaming titles.

The announcement comes as part of the continuous efforts of the casino developer to stand out and prove that it is worthy of developing in the region. According to the estimations, the trips would be able to bring more than 300 players to the location. It should be taken into account that both bus drivers and tourists are excited about the new opportunities provided by the organized transportation program.

Casino Developers Rivalry and More Guests

Rival tribal casino venues might appear to pose a threat to its future operation, but only time would tell how the market would develop. MGM Springfield is located only 70 miles away from Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut and being a new location boasting quite the competitive offerings, it could result in some portion of Mohegan’s player pool redirecting to it.

It is an inevitable consequence of every new resort launch, which could only be worked around with the introduction of more gaming activities at the tribal casino venue. In order to attract and be able to accommodate more patrons to the hotel tower of Mohegan Sun, more rooms and suites would have to be added, which would call for a $20-million investment in the project. MGM Springfield’s launch at the end of August came in accordance to the previously established plan.

The opening weekend drew in huge crowds to the downtown casino with plenty of shows on the Armory Plaza stage. More than 150,000 individuals made their way over the weekend which not only benefited the casino venue and the resort but also shops and restaurants in the vicinity.

Adjustments to their work hours have also been done, as the constant flow of people have prompted them to work later than usual. On the other hand, a positive impact on their operation has been seen as increases in the sales and daily proceeds was seen. In the long run this could rake in quite a lot to the local eocnomy as it has been stressed in the past.

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 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.