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Raids at Maharashtra, Gujarat Illegal Gambling Dens Multiply Arrested Individuals

India has been battling illegal gambling for the past several weeks with a significant success as it has been confirmed by the latest raids which resulted in the arrest of as many as 64 individuals. They were booked while they were participating in gaming activities taking place at Maharashtra state’s Palghar district, who only add up to the previously arrested businessman as a result of tip-offs.

The government of India is striving to achieve an utmost level of gaming protection for its residents and tourists which is the reason why gaming raids have been conducted in the past weeks. As a result, more than a hundred individuals have been arrested while they were taking part in illegal gaming activities organized in gaming dens, hotel suites, and farmhouses across the country. This Sunday brought the latest hit on illegal gaming in the state of Maharashtra which proved to be a rewarding one for the authorities, as there were many individuals arrested.

As for the resorts where the illicit activities were in progress at the time of the raid, it was the Krishna Resort located on the highway between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Kingpins responsible for the organization of the criminal activity have chosen the location wisely, as it provides people willing to gamble with an easy access to the premium resort and a constant flow of participants. According to the reports issued following the operation, it occurred in the early hours of Sunday when gaming was in full swing.

Over the span of the raid, the authorities succeeded in seizing Rs863,250 (US$1,211) in cash available on site. There were also as many as 48 mobile phones which were allegedly utilized for the purposes of the gaming activities, such as taking bets from individuals off-site. The phones were later evaluated to some Rs489,300 (US$6,869), adding up to the total amount of money collected during the raid.

In addition to that, there were also some 10 vehicles further facilitating the illegal den and transportation to and from it, which were estimated to cost some Rs15,000,000 (US$210,570).

Ilelgal Gambling Crackdown in Full Swing

People present on site of the gambling den were ranging from the age of 20 to 55 and were residents of locations to the liking of Gujarat, Mumbai, Thane, and Palghar. Rirish Shetty and Sanmit Shetty were pinpointed as the kingpins behind the illegal structure and were among the arrested.

Legal actions have been taken in accordance with the Maharashtra Prevention of Gambling Act. Teen Patti was the game in progress at the time of the arrests – essentially a simplified version of poker well-known across the country and beloved for its card structure. Floating casino venues usually refer to it as Flush.

Popular among players, it features a wide array of variations. This resembles the situation which took place mid-August when the police arrested as many as 46 businessmen gambling in Mumbai’s Sahara Star Hotel. The luxurious resort became the scene of a raid conducted by the capital’s Crime Branch and as many as 5 of the people arrested were identified as bookmakers with previous criminal records to their names.

However, this weekend saw more police raids based on witnesses reports, one of them happening in Ahmedabad’s Vastrapur area on Friday. As many as six people identified as well-known businessmen were arrested at the Amaltas Bungalows while they were gaming. Some Rs450,000 (US$6,320) in cash was found on site as well as four vehicles facilitating the operation.

Following an investigation into the details of the gaming den and the individual’s criminal past, it has been confirmed that there have not been previous offenses on their accoun, while legal actions have already commenced against the criminals overseeing maangement of the gaming den. It is all part of the continuous efforts of the authorities to eliminate gambling outside of the states of Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

 Author: Harrison Young

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