Newly Launched Tiverton Casino Hotel Heats Up Gaming Scene in Rhode Island

Tiverton just witnessed the official launch of its latest casino resort which goes by the name of Tiverton Casino Hotel and has been anticipated for many months now. Saturday morning gave green light to the operation of the $140 million integrated resort set to put the spotlight on Rhode Island’s area and bring more excited casino enthusiasts to the region.

People have been looking forward to this day for quite some time now, ever since the casino developers made it clear that they would be able to launch operation at the beginning of September this year. The month of May brought the good news that Tiverton Casino Hotel would be fully ready for operation by the beginning of September which is a month earlier than previously announced October launch. The very first day of this month was targeted as the deadline which would see a fully-operational project launch.

Showcasing their gaming offerings, Tiverton braced for the increased interest towards the location and the flow of tourists striving to be the first ones to touch the gaming devices and potentially win big as a result of it. Early in the morning hundreds of residents and guests of the region were already preparing for the launch set to take place at 10 a.m. One of the first people to claim her spot on the queue was a woman showing up five hours earlier, as to ensure that she will be to lay her eyes on the interior of the casino resort.

Bambi Gabriel has traveled about 30 miles from Pawtucket in order to ensure that she will be able to make it in first. Upon arrival on site, she was informed that this could not happen until the official launch of the resort after 10 a.m. This was when the doors to the new resort were open and people willing to meet Lady Luck were able to see everything first hand.

Striving to provide enough entertainment for everyone, a total of 1,000 slot devices are available on site, as well as 32 table games offering a wide range of gambling activities to the likings of poker and blackjack.

Fresh Offerings Availabel on Site

Sports betting would also be available on site later this autumn, as the final details to the field are being arranged at the moment. The hype for action was so intense that there were even players who were concerned that they would not be able to give their luck a try on one of the gaming devices on site. In reality, their troubles were dispersed.

A soft opening of the casino resort was held last Thursday as leading officials of Rhode Island and casino developer and operator Twin River officials cut the ribbon in front of the venue. The new addition to the area comes as a worthy replacement of the previously operating Newport Grand Casino which was overseen by the gambling operator.

Following a casino permit relocation, the previously operating venue closed for business and put an end to its operation dating back to 1976. What should be taken into account for the new casino resorts location, is that the land on which it is built has been previously associated with the Pocasset Tribe of the Pokanoket Nation, dating back to the 1600s.

As a result of this, the casino developer has agreed to allow the construction of a specially designed monument bearing tribal significance, as well as pour money into a land trust which would give the Native American tribe the permission to purchase a land lot in the region.

Upcoming months would witness more details being disclosed regarding the arrangement. The local economy is expected to be boosted with the help of the new resort, as well as the employment opportunities for local residents. As many as 64 of the 558 employees hired are locals striving to bring more to the brand-new location.